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  1. 1977 was the Silver one. This was the Golden one in 2002. Would love to see the 1977 one though!!
  2. Yes I recognised it straight away from old photos I have seen and theres no mistaking that music desk! It's quite bizarre really that this old console would be rigged up to some sort of digital gubbins (to my ear anyway) for this appearance. Surely a 3 or 4 manual Allen would have done just as well. Perhaps our host might know something about the use of the old Willis console and perhaps be able to tell us what happened to it?
  3. Oh dear! Not what it was under Scotty and certainly nowhere near St Barry's high standards!
  4. USOC (Ulster Society of Organists & Choirmasters for those of you not from these parts!) did a trip to Paris in 2006. I also found ST-Eustache quite memorable for the NEW organ and Yanka's playing although it was obvious who her teacher was seeing her there and play in his style on his organ! Luckily the old man wasnt about and we got to play it!
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