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  1. My suggestion is that someone (perhaps the church warden) might open the thing up and check if all the cables are seated correctly as well as all the various other bits and pieces like soundcards etc. If the console is functioning correctly the amplifier may be knackered. It may well have a headphone socket or some other sort of line out - worth seeing if any sound is coming from this outlet. Best I can do at a distance without knowing anything about the machine!
  2. MM Believe it or not my preference is for the expressive Bach you talk about. Thats how I play it and I have no time for trying to make any organ sound like what I think Bach would have heard 300 years ago! The best performance of 543 I ever heard was by Carlo (even better than Virgil's!) and when it is played in the manner you describe it is wonderful. Most "historically informed" performances on neo baroque squeak boxes leave me cold. I think we both agree that Cam Car did not achieve anything wonderful and the opening of 540 (and most of the rest of the 2 recitals) only proved to m
  3. As technically marvellous as Cam Car is supposed to be it is interesting that the straighter repertoire he played was as tad sloppy in places - there are many organists who could have given a more accurate and a more musical performance. Also any musician worth their salt would not have played out the wind as he did at one stage with the use of subs & supers and would have let HP reed pipes speak properly - no doubt this was his way of criticising the instrument which is obviously extremely unfair! Presumably he'll be pushing the BBC/Albert Hall to accommodate his new "electronic device" n
  4. And he has little time for "the pedants who dream of 32-foot long pipes" Really?! Why was he swinging off the 32 reeds like a child in sweetie shop then? Hardly a bar went by without a 32 in it!!
  5. I had decided not to post anymore on this board and, indeed, wrote to JPM to tell him as such and to give my reasoning but this thread, possibly more than any other I have read, has annoyed me beyond measure, hence this post. Did JPM reply? When are you next deciding not to post again in this board? Smart arse I know but really...................
  6. Carlo has not owned an organ for many years - at least an Allen touring one anyway. Allen would hire out an organ to any venue (that Carlo was performing at) which was described as his organ - of late its been a Quantum 370 (3M, 58 stops). Its this organ that will be used at his Memorial Service. I assume that they kept the same instrument for his own use each time although I am not sure whether it was exclusively for him! When I hosted him in 2001 I enquired about the cost of having the Allen but the cost was prohibitive due to it having to cross the Irish Sea - we hired a 4M Phoenix locall
  7. Details of the Memorial Service from Rev. Kenneth Crawford who is the Vicar of Pershore Abbey and was a close personal friend of CC. "We can announce, now, that Carlo's Memorial Service will be at Pershore Abbey, Worcestershire, on Friday, 26th October, 2012, at 2.30pm. At the end of the Service, we will inter Carlo's ashes in the Abbey's Memorial Garden. All are welcome to attend this Memorial Service which will be a thanksgiving for, and celebration of, his life. The choir Voces Assumptionis, directed by Alexander Crawford, will sing 'How Lovely are Thy Dwellings Fair' from Brahms' German
  8. Any idea where once can get a copy of third DVD? A brief Google has failed to assist!
  9. The BBC has finally posted something; http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-19250242
  10. My ears told me! The TM & RT's don't sound the same. The TM is hard to mistake for any other stop on that organ and indeed hard to mistake for any organ either
  11. That was def the Militaire you heard!
  12. 1977 was the Silver one. This was the Golden one in 2002. Would love to see the 1977 one though!!
  13. Yes I recognised it straight away from old photos I have seen and theres no mistaking that music desk! It's quite bizarre really that this old console would be rigged up to some sort of digital gubbins (to my ear anyway) for this appearance. Surely a 3 or 4 manual Allen would have done just as well. Perhaps our host might know something about the use of the old Willis console and perhaps be able to tell us what happened to it?
  14. I was lucky in that none of my "firsts" were terribly big occasions and as such I cant really remember them in great detail. What I can remember is the first time I played publicly. I was about 13/14 and played 1 hymn (Ye choirs of new Jerusalem) at a Sunday evening service during the summer when there was no choir. It was a not so illustrious start to a not so illustrious career on the bench. Of course I was too young to be nervous - nerves appeared in my late teens and didn't really last too long. Of course over the years I have had made all the cock ups - extra verse missed over the page,
  15. "Transitional phase" is an interesting spin on it! The new Master of the Choristers (they couldn't call it DoM as they made the last one redundant!) will have to start from scratch at St Anne's. There is currently a choir that could at best be described as being suitable for a medium size parish church. Only the Eucharist is sung to mainly unison Congregational type settings and no evensong. David Stevens is obviously a man who likes a challenge! Good luck to him, he will need some luck........
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