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  1. Organs on the Isle of Man hmmm. There is a new organ in St George's Douglas by H&H. It's a bit of a sore point as it is not really big enough for the building. It replaces a Jardine with thick trombas. The swell and the great are similiar in volume and it seems voiced loudly to try and fill the building. When there's a good crowd in it is difficult to hear it at the back (this was clear at Miss Bates opening recital). The front case pipes seem to be too short too. It's a bit of a missed opportunity alas. The church were advised by professional organists but chose to ignore the advice. A pi
  2. Anyone North of the Border know what has happened at Inverness Cathedral. They have the only scottish daily choir outside Edinburgh and have a new toaster with chamades. All seemed to be going well until recently. Now there is no choir and organist? Does anyone know what has been going on?
  3. I was under the impression that he met an unpleasant death whilst on a motorbike after a wire had been strung across the road. I may be wrong. I'll look it up.
  4. Gosh! People are up early this morning. York surely will be vacant when Philip retires in late 2008. A while off yet. However, I don't think the problem is the scraping of the barrel but that there are too many musicians and organists chasing too few jobs. There are a lot of good musicians around but not enough orchestras, opera houses choral foundations etc In continental Europe there are local schools of music in every sizeable town and local orchestras and opera houses to work in. With 77 or more opera houses in germany(population 80 million) and salaried organists posts there are man
  5. Sunday I played: Wachet auf CP JS Bach Concerto in G Stanley Vater unser JS Bach Prelude in C 9/8 JS Bach Evening choral phyrgien Alain Climat Alain Concerto in d (i) to (iii) JS Bach Today (Babys Funeral) Andante in F Mozart Dialogue in G Hurford Prelude in Classic Style Gordon Young
  6. Did handel play your organ? No! But I've played his.
  7. Mr Archer is going to Winchester College to be Director of Chapel Music. I have this from the Head in writing this morning.
  8. To me the UK seem more interested in Robes and Hoods sometimes. What on earth are the presidential robes and description doing on the RCO website?) The C of E in particular has bred a dressing-up society which I think the RCO in the past has somewhat fueled. (Note picture of hoods but not people's faces in a major photograph on the Web site)
  9. I agree Nigel I must say your website is terrific, particulary the photos or organists away from the instrument and without ties. There seems to be a good mix of ages and wonderful surroundings.
  10. I endorse this comment. Honest, constructive criticism doesn't hurt anyone. NS <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I think some in the RCO are still smarting from the wounds inflicted by the Birmingham Fiasco. A few views expressed here aren't going to change the world, but I think most people would agree that all has not been well. The article in Private Eye drew peoples attention to the mess and I think a new direction is emerging. Despite David Saint's assertion that the RCO was not about buildings there was enormous enthusiasm for a building and an organ as it brought so many strand
  11. I agree John, glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the link. When I was at school in the late 70's most of the pictures in books were in black and white, and it was a revelation to see the oppulent white and gold interiors of Bach's churches. Sound wise, we had the odd recording of Walcha and a few others to go on but little else. Today, thanks to John Whiteley we can see and hear these great instruments. It's a fantastic teaching aid and should be on every collectors shelf. JSW is not a player who has stood still, he is constantly refreshing his performance to take into account fresh insig
  12. A good friend of mine has the russian printed copy of the complete suite. Lots of gipsy dancing and a big glissando at the end of the toccata. The placing of the chords is different to the oup edition they're often up an octave and the piece is supersized quite a bit. Rawsthorne plays this russian version more or less (though nothing was ever less with Rawsthorne. ) My friend then produced the russian piano edition of it. The composer seems to be known as Georghi Mushella (stressed 2nd syllable) in Uzbekhistan. More to follow.
  13. The fact is the Organ world has been changing as the church has downsized. Massive downsizing is coming soon as the church becomes mission shaped. The role of the organ has diminished in many places and the nature of the music has changed. Add to this a changing cultural climate and things are not easy. What is more profound is the changing aesthetic of music itself. Nothing stands still and the days of quiet cathedrals and wall to wall Howells have given way to Sentamu's drums. The objection to instruments and music groups from so many organists was that they were producing music of
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