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  1. I played the Keble organ prior to it being revoiced and liked it a lot. Admittedly the excellent acoustic in the building helps. How has the revoicing changed the sound and is it an improvement (subjective I know)?
  2. Thanks for sharing this. I've just listened Ben Sheen's recital. The organ is just amazing. Listening to the Healey Willan, the Tuba Mirabilis (I presume) at 49:36 is fantastic and has a real similarity in tone to the one at York Minster as heard on Francis Jackson's definitive recording of this piece.
  3. Perhaps it should go in the Bridgewater Hall.....
  4. I'm presuming that Christopher Allsop is moving on to pastures new from Worcester Cathedral? Anybody know where yet? He'll be very much missed, the choir speak very highly of him. He's also a very underrated organist and hopefully we'll get to hear more of his playing in the future to show off his talents.
  5. I've heard the instrument on numerous occasions and your summary is a pretty fair assessment. There are many beautiful colours to the instrument as you say but the chorus seems to lack warmth and the tone gets harsher as the volume increases. Interestingly when I heard Dr Francis Jackson play what must have been one of his last recitals on the instrument, he seemed to get the best out of the instrument registration wise and his phrasing was still excellent. The new instrument caused much debate on this forum and judging by the lack of discussion since may have not quite captured the imagi
  6. I'm presuming that the Manchester Cathedral organ is now up and running. Has anyone on the forum heard the instrument and able to offer any opinion? I can't see any recitals planned as yet but hoping there will be some in the near future.
  7. I too have read Dr Michael Smiths book and have found it to be a thoroughly disheartening read. I think there are certain lessons in life and careers that are not appreciated in his account: 1. Life is not fair. 2. You make your own luck. 3. Positive people generally progress further in their chosen careers. 4. You don't become a Cathedral organist to be rich! Point 4 I have some sympathy with in view of how much hard work and dedication is required to achieve such a position especially when I see how much some relatively modest sports people and entertainers earn however I refer back
  8. A different recording of Raúl Prieto Ramírez playing Duruflé Suite Op. 5 (Toccata). Every time I hear this guy play, I get more and more impressed. Hopefully, I will get to hear him live before too long.
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