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  1. True. I have an LP of St Paul's demonstrating just about every section of the organ. Bearing in mind such widely separated divisions as the Positive organ, the Dome Tubas and the West-end Royal Trumpets, and how each was reproduced so clearly, there is no way that all of these could possibly have been recorded using the same microphone(s) located in a central position! I'm sure they must have been moved around for the best effect.
  2. Excellent. It is really gratifying that Leeds is able to attract such talent.
  3. Excellent! I believe that is the problem with the lack of public interest in the organ in this country. I have spoken to friends who describe organ music as 'dirges' and 'all the same notes all the way through'! Yes, I think it would be great if more people could hear recitals such as you describe and by organists such as those you name. Jonathan Scott is another one who I think could certainly convert people to the organ. I think in many cases it just needs some 'non organ lovers' to be persuaded to hear the right music by the right people.
  4. I'm afraid that is a perfectly possible future. Churches are closing right left and centre these days as the number of people who still regard themselves as Christians diminishes. It is quite possible that eventually all we shall be left with will be cathedrals and a few ancient churches of historical interest. Those people who would find themselves without a local church would probably go to their nearest surviving church or cathedral which, in a way, would at least provide more support for those buildings - and organs of course - which still remain. Personally, of course I'd much prefer it if more people in this country took more of an interest in organ music, and I often wonder why the instrument benefits from so much more interest and following in places like the Netherlands and Germany than here in the UK.
  5. I agree. We are all entitled to our opinions and those electronic gadgets which I may not name are not, in my opinion, not in any way equal to the real McCoy.
  6. Did I read this correctly? The largest and most powerful pipe organ in the country and it needs a toaster in order to fulfil its function? 🤣
  7. Actually, in that thread there is a quote from John Mander stating that the pipes are of 90.4% tin.
  8. I may be wrong, but I'm sure I read somewhere that those 32' pipes were made of tin which, I assume, would be pretty strong certainly compared to lead or lead-tin. Perhaps, if so, they're just too thin! Incidentally, are they the pipes of the Violone or the Diapason?
  9. Very interesting. However, call me stupid, but in some of those pictures all the pipes seem to be of exactly the same length. Have I misunderstood something?
  10. Quite apart from the Town Hall organ (and the Leeds Minster organ too) Leeds is the best shopping city outside of London!
  11. Yes indeed. As far as I'm concerned, Leeds is the centre of the known universe!
  12. I have been informed that the new Grand Organ is to be sited above the Great and in front of the Swell. Similarly, the new Solo is to be placed behind the Great. The one new division I was previously unaware of is the Echo Choir. Can I assume that this will be behind the Choir (previously known as the Positive)? That seems a logical position anyway.
  13. Good question. It seems to me that tastes change quite regularly in the organ world, at least in this country, and consequently many organs (if the money is there) are re-worked/re-designed (put it as you will) quite regularly to fit in with the tastes of the time. As an example, the recent changes effected at York have, admittedly, resulted in a more effective output of sound particularly in the nave where, as I understand it, the organ was rather lacking in power. At the same time, though, I believe that all of the historic pipework, especially from Hill and Elliot and Hill, has been retained.
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