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  1. I'm afraid that 'honours', at least these days, signify nothing more than 'who you know'!
  2. I'm afraid not! I know very little other than what I have read and I wish I knew a great deal more. I also confess to not being an organist, so please don't place any great weight on any suppositions I come up with! Thanks anyway, though. Re. the York Minster organ, the 1960 and 1993 alterations/additions were, I believe, intended to make the instrument more suitable for 'correctly' playing 'baroque' music. That's nice (as far as I'm concerned) inasmuch as it might make the organ more 'all singing and all dancing', but on the other hand it could be argued that the ideal British organ should sound 'British' and not attempt to sound German, French and even Iberian into the bargain! I have only heard the 'new' York organ online so far but even then I do think it sounds excellent, within those restrictions of course. Incidentally, I remember once suggesting that a small 'nave organ' might be added advantageously to carry the sound (and the timing) down the nave, but I'm probably completely wrong and the 'new' instrument will no doubt not need any such addition. Now, as for some strident west-end trumpets as at St Pauls... !
  3. I mentioned related matters on a thread on Facebook recently, asking about the loss of the Cornet, Sesquialtera and Larigot, and was assured by someone in authority at the Minster that these would not be missed. In addition, I believe that the new west shutters to the Swell box have made an enormous difference to the output in the nave. Then there is the Ophicleide extension down to 32' on the same pressure as the Tuba Mirabilis. I've only heard it on recordings so far, so what do I know?!
  4. I noticed earlier this evening, and again when I clicked 'this' above, that NPOR doesn't seem to be working. Does anyone have any ideas of what the problem might be?
  5. Yes, I can see why Cornets can be particularly useful.
  6. I see that it's a Snetzler organ (or was!). I really hope that as much original material as possible is kept and in use.
  7. Marge (my wife - not her real name) loves it (as do I), and she is certainly not a lover of organ music!
  8. I did. Is the Tuba Mirabilis rather brighter than before, or is it my imagination - or the recording, of course? Although the image during the Cocker was from the Chancel, I assume that the sound was recorded from the Nave side.
  9. Thanks! Many other excellent pictures of Ripon and the cathedral too. I must make an effort to take another trip to the city of Ripon, assuming that we'll be able to enter such places once again!
  10. Excellent! I want one! Er, does it play?
  11. I doubt it! I think that must have been one of the enclosed tubas.
  12. I get the impression that, unfortunately, the BBC are not exactly great fans of the organ!
  13. Yes, I watched that (on YouTube) earlier today and I completely agree that the organ sounded wonderful. I was especially impressed with the Swell which sounded particularly clear, presumably because of the new shutters on the west side of the box (assuming that the sounds were recorded from the nave!). I'm looking forward to listening to the evensong and dedication of the organ when I have time, probably tomorrow. Congratulations to Harrisons and, of course, to Robert Sharpe who no doubt led the decisions on the rebuilding of the instrument. I have suggested elsewhere that I thought it sad that the organ had lost its Cornet and Sesquialtera, but I now realise my mistake and that it really doesn't need either of those two voices. One day, hopefully, I shall have the opportunity to hear it in 'real life', when I shall possibly have the opportunity to hear ALL FOUR or the 32' stops (one at a time, of course) and which cannot possibly demonstrate properly their voices even on my hi-fi system!
  14. I agree about York or Canterbury. Yes, Priory have done both before (I have both), but of course since then both organs have been rebuilt/'done up', so they are likely to sound quite different.
  15. Looking at the picture, the only things visible seem to be the pipes from the stopped wood rank 'B' If anything was enclosed (in the house) I imagine it might have been the 'C' rank (strings) or the reeds, though I can't see any sign of a swell pedal in the photo.
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