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  1. "Organs & Organists" book now freely available online

    This book is well worth it. Sadly, I bought mine before the free DVD was on offer!
  2. English Voluntaries for the Corno Stop

    Thanks VH. Very enlightening.
  3. English Voluntaries for the Corno Stop

    Bearing in mind how names change over time, is it possible that they were referring to a Cornet?
  4. Visibility of pipe organs on the internet

    I thought I'd try this out and typed in 'pipe organ instrument' (without the quotes), bearing in mind that if you should mention the word 'organ' to the man in the street you are likely to end up discussing something completely unrelated to musical instruments! Every one of the links on the first page was, in fairness, pertinent to the pipe organ. Predictably, I suppose, all three adverts at the top of the page were for digital organs or keyboards.
  5. Canterbury Cathedral Organ

    Nor me.
  6. St. Peter's, Rome

    Ah, that makes more sense. That would provide 1,073,741,823 possible sounds then. Quite an acceptable choice!
  7. Celestes

    Thanks, I suspected as much. I have seen a cross-section image of a soundboard on which sit two adjacent strings including a celeste rank, so I assumed it must work.
  8. Celestes

    I wonder what happens with a 2-rank stop, such as Unda Maris I-II 8' Would these ranks be positioned well apart from each other, bearing in mind that they would, presumably, be on the same slider? I'm sure someone here will know for sure.
  9. St. Peter's, Rome

    3 stops?! Well that would provide, by my calculations, a maximum variety of sounds amounting to no less than SEVEN! (23)-1
  10. St. Peter's, Rome

    I agree. However, although I have never heard it, I believe that the pipe organ there can only be described as pretty weedy anyway. That place really needs a big organ and, as has been said, one that can shout down the tourists!
  11. St. Peter's, Rome

    Using Google Translate, I see that the author is 'not completely in favour' of the use of a toaster in St Peter's!
  12. (Not) blowing into organ pipes

    Clearly, he knew students and their proclivities!
  13. St James' Didsbury: Walker Organ (ex-RNCM)

    You should visit the new organ in Manchester Cathedral. Some of the pedal pipes are easily within reach of anyone in a side chapel - even the 32' reed tuning springs!
  14. (Not) blowing into organ pipes

    Yet you see voicers blowing into pipes actually within the organ (rather than in the voicing shop)!
  15. St James' Didsbury: Walker Organ (ex-RNCM)

    Good news, then. Far more educational establishments teaching organ than I was aware of. Thank you both.