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  1. John Robinson

    Blind Listening Experiment

    An interesting point, I agree. Also, what interests me is the comparison of a pipe organ crescendo pedal with the crescendo pedal of an electronic organ. I know that the former (like a 'walze') brings on - or off - stops individually or perhaps in groups. I know little of electronic organs, but is it not the case that a crescendo pedal on that sort of instrument would simply act like a volume control knob? Of course, I realise I may be completely wrong, but I suspect that was the case with early electronics, like Hammonds for example. If so, the sound variation would be not the same. Just another observation, if I may. I haven't had time to listen to the comparison video as yet, but am sure I wouldn't be able to differentiate. However, I think that would be an unfair test! My laptop's speakers would be unable to reproduce every small nuance and, even with a top line computer and speakers, I suspect the same would be true. After all, if we are listening to speakers, we are listening to an electronic reproduction anyway!
  2. John Robinson

    List of beautiful English Organs

    😂 Sorry!
  3. John Robinson

    List of beautiful English Organs

    I can see a happy sleeping monkey as plain as the nose on your face.
  4. John Robinson

    List of beautiful English Organs

    I suppose that a non-speaking front could comprise a reflecting board with false pipes in front simply for appearances sake. Expensive, though.
  5. John Robinson

    St Asaph

    I suppose that this might be due to a reduction in interest in the Christian religion these days. A similar situation, as I'm sure many are aware, is the amalgamation of three dioceses in Yorkshire: Ripon, Wakefield and Bradford, to form a single diocese which I believe is now called the Diocese of Leeds. A fair decision, I suppose, in order not to suggest the pre-eminence of any one of the three constituent parts. There still remain three cathedrals, though... for now!
  6. John Robinson

    St Asaph

    Hear hear. A sign of the times, I'm afraid. How much longer before we return to common sense?
  7. John Robinson

    List of beautiful English Organs

    I'm sure I posted a response to this post, but it seems to have gone.
  8. John Robinson


    To be honest, I wouldn't expect a layman to know the difference between a pipe and a stop. Many seem to think that the pipes they see in the case are the sum total. It can be quite humorous really, like the woman at the recital of the new Manchester Cathedral organ who asked me where the loudspeakers were!
  9. John Robinson

    Organs and the warm weather

    Perhaps the flues are the ones having gone out of tune!
  10. John Robinson

    Organs and the warm weather

    Hopefully, many churches remain relatively cool even in this hot weather. I have even been known to set foot in one just to escape the heat, even if there isn't an organ recital in progress.
  11. John Robinson

    Appointments 2

    Great! The more female organists, the better.
  12. John Robinson

    Changes at Mander Organs

    Wow, I wouldn't have thought it. You're older than me! Still, I wish you a long and happy retirement.
  13. John Robinson

    Henry Willis 4

    Yes, I have a copy of that video. The 'Willis brand of humour' to which you refer begins a bit earlier, at 6:30. I, too, found that very funny. Then there's the bit about the church organ 'which does not appear on their books', with the explanation of why!
  14. John Robinson

    Changes at Mander Organs

    I'd like to echo that, if I may. On the other hand, I hadn't thought you were that old, John, going by the last time I saw you a few years ago!
  15. John Robinson

    List of beautiful English Organs

    And not a single double on the manuals!