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  1. Yes. Unfortunately as the years go by, practicalities are being overtaken by bureaucracy!
  2. I am fortunate to possess a copy of his autobiography: 'Music for a Long While'. A fascinating read. I seem to remember a photograph of him in the war holding a piano accordion with which he'd entertain his fellow soldiers - not an officer, surprisingly, but a down-to-earth 'ordinary rank', though he is far from ordinary in reality of course! In fact, he has led an extraordinary life by all accounts and achieved a great deal. A man to be admired.
  3. Congratulations to Francis Jackson, now 102!
  4. No pictures! Or is it just me?
  5. Me too. Perhaps Darius might enlighten us as to whether existing stops are to be relocated in a new division, or (even better) a completely new division might be included. Just a personal little foible and I know it's not to everyone's taste, but I'd have included a Vox Humana as well. Yes. There is another inaccuracy on that site, or at least on the version I have ( I once bought a CD from him). It lists both Octave Twelfth 2 2/3 and Flute Nazard 2 2/3 on the Swell! I'm sure that isn't the case.
  6. I'm afraid your list isn't available. When I lived in Bradford, I used to come to the lunchtime recitals every, or at least most weeks. "The largest three manual organ in the world", they used to say!
  7. Strangely, it would have been about 1970 at a guess, around the same time this pipe was 'stolen', when a friend and I were visiting the Minster and noticed a table (I think in the north choir aisle) with a collection of organ pipes. Perhaps they were cleaning some pipes or whatever. I remember my friend picking up a pipe - a trumpet by the looks of it, and from somewhere in the treble register - and decided to give it a blow... nothing... so he blew a bit harder and we both jumped when it gave quite a loud sound. At that very time, a verger who bore a distinct resemblance to a large bat pounced upon us and tore us off a strip. Of course, we both gave our apologies and made ourselves scarce. I wonder if that would have been the same time and place this organ pipe was stolen.
  8. Yes, I found the 32' Sackbut to be an impressive sound. I understand that Francis Jackson thought it was too loud, so had it moved to the south transept. Harrisons, I believe, will move it back to behind the 32' Open Wood and will also add a 32' Ophicleide which, I assume, will be even louder! I look forward to hearing that and, I expect, other impressive sounds!
  9. Skilfully dragging this thread back to its original intent(!), I suspect that the advent of the RFH organ may have influenced Francis Jackson (of whom I have the greatest respect) to have the York Minster organ altered (by Walkers in around 1960) to be more akin to the neo-Baroque sound. This, of course, is presently being restored by Harrisons to revert to the sort of instrument they worked on in around 1917 and 1930. To misquote Francis Jackson, the York organ changes 'chameleon-like' to suit the differing tastes of the time.
  10. I don't doubt it, but I wonder whether that was anything to do with all the loud sounds (films, television, heavy traffic, aircraft, pop music, bingo callers!, etc.) to which we are all subjected these days.
  11. I have absolutely no evidence to support this, but in my opinion the answer is quite simple: education. I was lucky. My interest in the organ began (I think) at junior school at a Christmas church service, in which one of our own teachers played the organ. Presumably, the regular organist was unavailable. I was even more lucky at grammar school where our music master was the local cathedral organist, so we received more than our fair share of organ music. Unfortunately, I believe that most schools in those days did not take much interest in the organ and, moreover, I suspect there is even less today.
  12. I thought it sounded quite direct, to say the sounds were coming from the triforium, though I don't know where the microphone was placed.
  13. Yes, so I understand. Still, there's no reason they can't contribute if they want to. After all, the RC Church makes regular use of the cathedral... AND the organ!
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