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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNRrV9FTeSc&ab_channel=KölnerDomorgeln I have to say in all honesty, that although impressively loud, to me those two west-end tubas do not sound greatly dissimilar. Perhaps it's my old ears, but I'd have preferred one to be far more free-toned, possibly even like the west-end trumpets at St Paul's.
  2. Yes, relating this to York Minster (sorry to drag the discussion back to that subject!) I believe I may have suggested somewhere further back in this thread that the best solution for the 'nave problem' at York would be the addition of a separate nave organ rather than, or perhaps in addition to, increasing the power of the main organ. Of course, unlike the French system, the two organs should be playable from the same console. Obviously, this would be a reversal of the French system in that the 'grande orgue' would be the one on the pulpitum and would also support the choir, whilst the
  3. I believe that a similar decision has been taken regarding the York organ. This has been described as now returning to the 1930s Harrison and Harrison voicing of the instrument for Bairstow which, I understand, was rather more powerful than the post-1960 voicing. Clearly, prior to the work presently being done on the organ, it has been rather lacking in power down the nave and that problem is, I believe, being addressed. That's all to the good, and I am looking forward to hearing the improvements. However, I wonder how this will affect how the organ sounds in the choir. Will it be too
  4. Yes. Under 'MIsc/onsite install' / Sept 2020, there are dozens of photographs of the interior showing just about everything there is!
  5. Yes, he is a talented organist but, having heard him at Manchester (Bridgewater Hall) I find him rather too rapid. I'd much prefer him to slow down a little and give me time to listen to the music!
  6. Thanks. I put my name down for this some days ago.
  7. Thanks. Very interesting. Actually, I quite like chocolate and blue!
  8. Just out of interest, what was the reason for the change in colours of the FRCO hood?
  9. Yes, I love that programme series and have the DVD. Not only is Howard Goodall an excellent musician, but also I find some of his quips highly amusingly descriptive. His brief description of the 'altitudinous' Austrian nobleman, the owner of an historic table organ, as 'six feet going on seven feet' to the background music of similar title from The Sound of Music.
  10. Lovely story. Thank you, from a cat lover.
  11. That's very interesting. Thank you. A horizontal flute, though? That's a new one on me. I wonder what advantage there is in making a flue stop horizontal.
  12. Yes! Who needs an orchestra when you have an organ of that size? AND, you'd save a lot of money, paying for only one musician rather than 80+ !
  13. It's not alone, of course, by any means. I remember discussing this one from Cologne Cathedral on here a few years ago: Aliquot II-III C 1' 8/11' f0 8/9' 15/11' 13/13' cs3 35/9' 15/11' 13/13' I have no idea what it sounds like, but I'd love to hear it (in context of course) just to find out.
  14. Being neither inside the trade nor in possession of very much scientific expertise, I hesitate to reply! Nevertheless, your mention of a 'pin hole in the pipe foot' presumably relates to the use or otherwise of 'open toe' voicing. This is something that I'd like to know more about. What is the point of increasing wind pressure when a closed toe will effectively reduce that pressure? I can only assume that this is done to make adjustments to voicing easier. Also, I'm sure that some lower pressure stops can speak sufficiently loudly without the need for high wind pressures, with the obv
  15. Yes, I have had Phonak aids for about four years now, so not the latest models and I do not have any bluetooth capability or other app for tweaking the settings. I do, however, receive free consultations every 6 months and the audiologist can make any adjustments necessary. As for bass response, I wouln't know really, as my hearing losses are in the higher frequencies.
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