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  1. I was indeed being funny, as I am an atheist and highly unlikely to join either the RC church or the CofE! Strange, I suppose, that someone so interested in organs is not in the least bit religious.
  2. What immediately grated with me was the phrase "comprises of", which estate agents seem to use in preference to the correct alternatives of "comprises" or "is comprised of". Sorry! Just my hobby horse!
  3. "The organ’s primary role, however, has been to enhance the daily services of the cathedral, fulfilling the mandate of Vatican II, which stated that ‘[the] pipe organ is to be held in high esteem, for it is the traditional musical instrument which adds a wonderful splendour to the Church’s ceremonies and powerfully lifts up man’s mind to God and to higher things’. Capable of providing gentle aid to prayer or a brassy fanfare for a civic procession, it can accompany anything from a solo chorister to an orchestra and a congregation of thousands." That's the first time I have heard of that. B
  4. Thank you! I hope it all goes smoothly.
  5. Any more news about the LTH organ rebuild, please?
  6. Pencils, weights, rubbers? I believe that Keith Emerson often made use of a knife! 🤨
  7. I'd go for one of my favourites: Flor Peeters, Lied to the Flowers. A particularly peaceful and pleasant piece to keep people awaiting the jab nice and calm. (Although if it's like the flu jab it's nothing to worry about.)
  8. Excellent post! I don't really take much interest in who has been awarded this and who has been awarded that, but I'd hazard a guess that if examined closely it would demonstrate more than just an element of Londoncentricism! As for the peerage and the House of Lords, I see it these days as nothing more than a free and comfortable retirement home for politicians and their cronies.
  9. Yes. Two completely different types of speaker system of course.
  10. That reminds me of the lady sitting next to me at the first recital on the new Manchester Cathedral organ, who asked me where the speakers were.
  11. Relieved and grateful to see the forum back up today after having disappeared at the beginning of 2021. Thank you to whomever was responsible for getting it back up and running.
  12. Thank you SlowOrg. Can I assume that these (once uploaded on to a computer) can be used with any keyboard having a MIDI function? I'll pass these suggestions on.
  13. Thank you David. That is very helpful. Only MIDI in and out, no through I'm afraid, but the encouraging thing is that Hauptwerk appears to be usable. Pedal board and swell pedal might come later. I'll pass on the information. Thanks again.
  14. A friend of ours is thinking about buying a Yamaha CP88 with a view to him 'relearning the piano'. He is also interested in possibly looking at learning to play the pipe organ. I see that the unit he is thinking about includes MIDI in and out, and I am wondering whether I should mention Hauptwerk as a possible add-on. I know little about Hauptwerk other than the fact that some organists use it in their homes as a practice instrument. I assume that it is a matter of buying a 'box' of some sort and that this can be connected, via MIDI, to any electric keyboard. Is this true? Assuming th
  15. Good idea. Perhaps an alternative game would be to ask for participants to choose one church or concert hall and get to keep the instrument (and the building it is housed in, of course)!
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