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  1. John Robinson

    Can we all try a bit harder?

    Good news. I had a good look at that forum (orgel-information) and found it very interesting. I have bookmarked it and intend to visit again. It is fortunate for me, as my German is very basic indeed, that Google Translate works very well with that site and I find it really quite easy to understand. I'd hesitate to post there, though, as if I tried to post in German (either by using Google Translate or stumbling along on my own!) I'd like as not be misunderstood. For now, anyway, I shall just 'lurk'!
  2. John Robinson

    Can we all try a bit harder?

    I would certainly value more input from organ enthusiasts in Germany, and other countries, as my interest in organs extends beyond as well as within the UK.
  3. John Robinson

    Priory Records DVDs

    Yes, I know. I'm being greedy. But how about some foreign organs for a change? Sorry, Priory! Edited: I'm afraid I added my text to Quentinbellamy's quote! Sorry.
  4. John Robinson

    Organ Scholarhips and Conservatoires

    And people wonder why so many young people have little more than grunts and swear words these days, and don't get me on to the subject of written English! Sorry. Off-topic.
  5. John Robinson

    The organ in the chapel, King's College London

    Call me old fashioned, but I still think of counties as they were pre-1974. The 'traditional' counties. I believe the 'new county' boundaries were only put in place for political reasons!
  6. John Robinson

    Westminster Abbey

    You should have modulated up a couple of notes and made her struggle!
  7. John Robinson

    Can we all try a bit harder?

    That's a damn sight more than I can do! I'm good at listening, though. 😀
  8. John Robinson

    Priory Records DVDs

    I, too, have all 14 of the prior(sorry!) Priory DVDs. My trouble and strife keeps asking me what I want for Christmas, to which I can never think of any sensible reply (socks and handkerchieves now bursting out of my drawers) so this latest DVD has come as a godsend. As well as enjoying listening to the music, I have found these DVDs particularly interesting as a means of comparing several organs with regard to their tonal attributes and (as a non-organist) further enlightening myself as to the characteristics of different stops. This latter point is most easily accomplished by listening to the 'introduction to the organ' sections, in which some individual stops are demonstrated.
  9. John Robinson

    Can we all try a bit harder?

    Me too. As I am neither an organist nor an organ builder (though I wish - too late now), I'm afraid I cannot speak with any authority on organ matters. I can, of course, ask questions and seek advice from more knowledgeable people on this forum. If it's of any help, I'll see what I can come up with!
  10. John Robinson

    Can we all try a bit harder?

    I have noticed such things on other web sites, so may I suggest a way around the problem? I often type out a reply, particularly if it is to be fairly extensive, in Word. Then I am at liberty to jump about all over the place (with regard to exploring other web sites, etc.), and the genesis of my future post remains intact! It's just a simple matter of copying and pasting into the 'submit reply' box, or whatever.
  11. John Robinson

    British Organ Going To Germany

    Our loss is their gain! Seriously, though, I'm glad to hear of British organs finding homes in other European countries. After all, we have adopted sounds from Europe over many decades and it's nice to know that British sounds are finding favour over there too. Tubas seem to be in favour these days too.
  12. John Robinson

    New Book on the Christian Müller Organ at Haarlem

    Well, thank you - all three of you! ? I shall certainly send for a copy.
  13. John Robinson

    New Book on the Christian Müller Organ at Haarlem

    Thanks for that. I was about to send for a copy when I noticed on the web page it says it is in Dutch. Perhaps I have missed something, or is it possible to ask for a copy in English?
  14. John Robinson

    Manchester Town Hall

    Whilst I would support that, I'm afraid we as a country are lacking in the continuing fervent interest in the organ as found in such places as Germany and the Netherlands. They seem to have new organs springing up all over the place! I don't know exactly why that should be, but that is the impression I get anyway.
  15. John Robinson

    Manchester Town Hall

    Fortunately, not yet a universal attitude! Leeds Town Hall, for example.