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  1. This, of course, was made by Harrisons.
  2. I beg to disagree. I find the discussion of stop lists, organ design and such matters of prime interest on here. Admittedly, as I am not an organist (but having a lifelong interest in the organ), I tend not to post on a forum populated in the majority by organists, but I do visit every day to glean information and knowledge about the organ and, should stop lists ever be outlawed for any reason, I should find that a great loss. Surely, it should be possible to discuss choices of stops and so on without anyone feeling offended!
  3. Yes, a single diocese with three cathedrals: Ripon, Wakefield and Bradford. Strangely, I think it is now called the Diocese of Leeds(?).
  4. I think the new cases look much nicer than the old ones.
  5. I couldn't agree more with the above sentiments about encouraging anyone interested to 'have a go'. What I cannot understand is how some organists are so very over-protective of their instruments and then bleat about the lack of interest in the organ amongst young (and not so young) people.
  6. Well it would be a swimming pool with excellent acoustics!
  7. I'm very please to see that the producers of the video managed to keep going until the end of the organ voluntary. Perhaps the BBC should take note! I also noticed at least one member of the academic staff without tie and another wearing jeans. A sign of the times I suppose.
  8. Now you mention it, that's a perfect description of the organ in the church where I was brought up and served as a choir boy: St Stephen's, Bradford. What a shame. Off-topic apologies, but I distinctly remember one Sunday immediately after the organ having been 'cleaned' (by whom?) we were showered by a fine drizzle of what looked like black dust when the display pipes were played.
  9. At least it would be preserved.
  10. Sadly, and being the cynic that I am, I wonder whether there is more chance of a foreign buyer for such instruments.
  11. ...as they so often are in Holland and Germany. I do wish our recitals had the same support.
  12. I have all the Priory DVDs so far issued. Highly recommended. Order when first advertised (before issue) to save money.
  13. And, of course, they are much less likely to fail than incandescent lamps.
  14. This extract from 'The Great Cathedral Organ Series Remembered' by Brian Culverhouse, from the CD-ROM that comes with the boxed set recently discussed on this site, made me laugh. It describes, of course, the Tuba Mirabilis: "A famous recitalist and obvious candidate for our second LP was Francis Jackson at York Minster: also a composer in his own right, he had charge of a fine instrument that J. W. Walker & Sons had rebuilt in 1960 with some fascinating stops. This led us to include Cocker’s Tuba Tune as a demonstration piece. As soon as Francis started to play it for the balance tes
  15. I haven't heard the Vox Balaena 64' live, but I believe I may have heard it on a recording (yes, I know that defies all logic!) and I, too, thought it very impressive especially as the source (32' wooden Principal) isn't particularly large, is on a relatively low pressure, and there is no separate 21 1/3'. As for the tubas, I agree. I wonder whether these were 'experimental' in a way, as Klais (and as far as I know no other German builders) have no real experience with such high pressure reeds as have firms such as Willis and others. They're not unpleasant (to me at least), but I'd rathe
  16. I suppose they're tubas rather than free-toned trumpets and, as PWH says, the recording's rather crap. Also, the Royal Trumpets at St Paul's are, in my opinion, exceptional.
  17. All those people talking. Still, I bet they shut up when the West Tubas came in at the end!
  18. Not even Daniel Roth's 'singing', and then leaning right in front of him to pull a stop on the left jamb, managed to put him off!
  19. Yes, so says Simon Johnson on the Priory DVD.
  20. I thought it meant 'little old lady'!
  21. I had thought about this possibility before for use in a 'two-way facing' organ, such as those on screens. I had always thought of it as just a 'pipe dream' (if you'll pardon the pun), but it now seems a distinct possibility. In my opinion it could be quite a useful feature and could, for example, serve recitals in either nave or chancel or even as an echo effect as was often found in Spanish organs with a trompeteria facing into the aisle.
  22. Everyone seems to be walking in through the door and down the nave since John Scott Whiteley set the trend!
  23. We just got back from this enjoyable recital. I can't believe that the 'grand old man' is still performing so well at 92 years old. There was an impressively large audience. Did anyone else from here go?
  24. Absolutely nowhere near 100% on topic, but would this solve the UK's littering problem?
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