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  1. I have just taken delivery of this CD, which I find rather interesting. The sound balance, as one might expect, is very different from what I have heard before - recorded or live. What I find really quite puzzling is that, whereas the Tuba Mirabilis (facing west) is noticeably subdued on this recording, the Bombarde (facing east) is much louder. If the microphone was suspended above the case from the central tower, one would expect both of these horizontal stops to be equally ineffective. All considered, I like this CD, especially since it cost only £6 (Yorkshire roots coming out again!). Mrs R., not an organ aficionado by any means, likes it too (especially Tuba Tune), which means that I am allowed to listen to it in her presence! John
  2. I am a born-again* atheist and yet my interest in the organ is both long standing and profound. (* i.e. I was once a Christian, but have seen the light!) I cannot remember how I first came to be interested in the organ, but it must have been when I was at junior school. Whilst at a carol service at our local church, I recall a teacher telling us to sing more slowly than usual 'because the organ cannot play as quickly as the piano', and my feelings at the time that the organ was 'misunderstood'. I also recall my music teacher at grammar school (the late Keith Rhodes) playing for us the well-known HMV 'Great Cathedral Organ Series' LP of York Minster, which had just been released, including Cocker's Tuba Tune. That did it for me: I went out and bought a copy, which I still have. John
  3. Excellent. Oops, somebody nudged the camera half-way through! John
  4. I rather like Emerson's piano concerto. John
  5. I, for one, enjoy watching (and re-watching) Series 1 and 2. I should be most grateful if Richard, or someone else 'in the know', would inform us on this site when Series 3 and 4 become available. Do you know which instruments were used on these latter series, Richard? Many thanks John
  6. Then, of course, there is the well known 'God rest you, merry gentlemen' rather than 'God rest you merry, gentlemen' One assumes the gentlemen in question were drunk. John
  7. I believe that it was mooted to install a new nave organ in York Minster to supplement the screen organ. This would appear to be the only practical solution to the problem of accompanying nave services. Has anyone heard any more of this? John
  8. As there seems to be no 32' reed, could this be a misprint (for Bombarde Basso 32')? John
  9. I think I may have read somewhere that the Flute Allemande (at least its incarnation at Passau Cathedral) was a harmonic conical flute - but at 16'? John
  10. OH NO!!! The forum's back. I've been having some well-needed early nights of late! Well done, Manders. You have been much missed. John
  11. I agree. Very watchable. They are BEES though! I, however, paid rather more than that for mine. I wish I'd known. John
  12. Hear, hear. I just went into 'My Controls' and placed myself in the Azores! All is now well, until the board clock is reset. Then I'll move back to the UK. John
  13. No, that was a series of rotating glass bowls, working on the same principle as stroking the rim of a wine glass with a damp finger! A shame that this instrument is not used any more - it is a very haunting, yet pleasing sound. John
  14. I hadn't heard of this either. However, at a recital at York a few years ago, Carlo Curley brought along his own 'Nachtigall'. This was a twittering mechanical bird in a cage which he placed on the choir console to accompany parts of his recital. It was surprisingly effective heard from the choir stalls, I seem to remember. John
  15. At the last rebuild a nave organ was mooted, subject to available funds. Nothing yet, however. There is a narrow gallery under the west window which is crying out for some Mander Royal Trumpets! John
  16. Sorry, just been on holiday in spain over the last week - Granada, Cordoba, Seville - impressive cases but, sadly, no recitals! Possibly this is what might have happened, but it doesn't explain their ignoring my two e-mails. No, I don't think they deserve my continued patronage! John
  17. I DO teach them the correct use of apostrophes, I really do! Unfortunately, parental and peer influences seem to be more powerful these days. It's also a sad fact that many teachers cannot punctuate or spell correctly, naming no names of course. John
  18. One wonders how convenient these six manual consoles are to play. Presumably, the more manuals, the more difficult it is to reach the top one. I would be interested to know some key dimensions, overhangs, etc., and how these differ between three and four manual consoles and those of five or six manuals. Can anyone oblige? John
  19. I recently received a reminder to renew my subscription to 'The Organ'. I followed their instructions to renew online and attempted to include my membership number, only to find there were no facilities to do so. Despite two e-mails querying this, I have received no reply. I think this is an opportune time to allow my subscription to lapse unless, of course, they can get their act together! John
  20. Yes. Quite correct on both counts. However, I often don't bother to log in when I just want to keep up to date. Obviously, to post/reply I have to. I must not be lazy... I must not be lazy... I must not be lazy. Thanks John
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