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  1. Yes, I have had Phonak aids for about four years now, so not the latest models and I do not have any bluetooth capability or other app for tweaking the settings. I do, however, receive free consultations every 6 months and the audiologist can make any adjustments necessary. As for bass response, I wouln't know really, as my hearing losses are in the higher frequencies.
  2. I confess that I am one who has said that I'd be happy to keep both. On the other hand, if all contributors were to bring their discussions here, rather than simply stop posting, I'd be happy to live with 'the original' exclusively.
  3. Having mentioned that it has been accused of being underpowered, when I attended a performance of the choir of King's College, Cambridge, the organ sounded perfectly good and well balanced to me. Am I right in thinking that the bottom few of the 32' Principal are Haskelled? I think I heard that some years ago.
  4. Interestingly, the Bridgewater Hall organ in Manchester has also been accused of being underpowered. As I understand it, the organ was planned and built before the hall had been completed, and when the interior of the hall had finally been finished, they found that whilst the acoustics were very good generally, the organ should have been planned and voiced to be louder. If that was the actual case, perhaps it would have been better to leave the installation of the organ until the hall was properly completed and its acoustics assessed by the builder (Marcussen).
  5. I'm sure I remember something similar being found in a ruined abbey in Yorkshire. I can't remember much more, or which abbey, but I do remember mention of large pottery jars being sited underneath the stalls.
  6. It's a shame that so many of our churches are either closing down or throwing out their organs in favour of 'worship groups' (what I suggest might turn out to be a passing phase). At least this, and certainly some other, unwanted organs are going somewhere where they will be appreciated. I also find it encouraging that Germany seems interested in acquiring traditional English organ sounds. After all, we have been importing theirs for some time now. My ideal organ venue - never likely to happen, of course - would contain several organs from different European countries for interest and comparison: German, Dutch, French, Italian, Iberian. (Well, I can dream!)
  7. Yes, of course. No criticism intended! I suppose I could have a guess as to what the 38 ranks might be, but I suppose the only people who might know for certain are the builders. Now defunct, of course. It would be interesting to have a root around in there, though, to try to work it out.
  8. Yes, I noticed that too. Personally, although Compton and others did that routinely and, admittedly, the end results may be good, I'd much prefer far fewer extensions as this gives a very exaggerated appearance of size. Perhaps someone in the know might edit the entry and add the usual letters after each (I suspect most) of the listed stops to show their derivation. I'm assuming that there are sufficient letters in the alphabet! Seriously, though, if there are 38 ranks it would be necessary to include some double-letters too.
  9. Well, I can't see it becoming a carpet warehouse, as has actually happened with some disused churches! I'm not sure how 'populated' such a large building could become, though, bearing in mind the lack of any areas of large population in the neighbourhood.
  10. Oh dear. I hadn't been aware of that, though of course it isn't the first such accusation levelled at the RC church.
  11. This extract: "The last six years have given the Downside Community time to reflect with sorrow on failures in the care for children entrusted to them" raises concerns in my mind. I wonder what, exactly, they are referring to.
  12. No, I meant the Mander organ building company.
  13. I'm sure we all echo that. Wow! What a turn up for the books! I hope I'm not expecting too much but perhaps to follow this good news wouldn't it be great if, after this covid thing is long gone, there is a possibility that Mander Organs might be resurrected?
  14. I joined the new forum, and I am grateful that someone has stepped in to continue the good work of this, the Mander forum, should it cease to exist. I shall also be pleased to continue to visit this forum for as long as it continues and thank those generous people responsible for its upkeep over all these years.
  15. I'd be as happy as anyone if this forum could somehow be allowed to continue as is, or perhaps be replaced by a similar one as has been suggested by several people. However, I see there has been no further comment about an existing forum - 'Organ Matters - Organs Matter!' - which someone suggested a couple of pages ago (sorry, but I can't remember who first mentioned it). That site lives right next to this one in my list of tabs at the top of my Chrome browser. I look at it every day, only to find (sadly) that hardly anyone ever posts on it! I'd like to suggest, once again, that if all else fails we could rely on that site to provide what we have lost. One should never look a gift horse in the mouth!
  16. Yes. I have it as one of my 'tabs' and have a look every day. Unfortunately, every time I look no-one has posted! Of course, with our help that could change! On the other hand, this forum is still going, thankfully, and may yet continue.
  17. I'd like to thank Darius for an excellent recital yesterday. I listened to it yesterday evening, on 'catch-up' (I think it's called), but haven't before today been able to write my congratulations on a fantastic display not only of interesting pieces skilfully played, but also the magnificent town hall organ. It has been several years since I have had the opportunity to attend the lunchtime recitals, but hopefully these may begin again when these 'lock downs' are over. If anyone here is interested, I believe it is still available on the web site Darius provided above.
  18. I agree. 'Marge' and some of her choir members have experimented with a candle. Er... please bear with me. 😉 A lit candle is held in front of the mouth. With normal speech, the flame is extinguished. Singing, however, does not extinguish the flame. I think that must prove something.
  19. Yes, the same problem was mentioned quite a while ago with regard to York: the organ being loud enough to fill the nave would be overwhelming in the choir. I think it was probably Francis Jackson. I don't doubt the great man's words, but organs need not always 'roar', surely? I have often thought, and of course I stress that I am no organist or expert, that it must be possible to select appropriate stops to handle a nave full of people, yet to choose fewer stops to accompany a smaller number of people in the choir. Of course, if both choir and nave are used concurrently, the problem may be more difficult, but how often is this actually the case? I understood that (at York anyway) services and recitals are usually held in the choir OR the nave. Am I mistaken?
  20. Terrible news. Let's hope that somebody, somewhere can come up with the goods. Covid cannot last for ever, and when the problem is past we shall, once again need organs building and maintaining.
  21. Thank you. Bookmarked! An interesting programme. Any further news about the proposed rebuild of the LTH organ? Any definite specification?
  22. I remember many years ago a certain dean from a certain cathedral in Bradford making a mistake that I presume he must have seriously regretted afterwards. You'd think a person in that position would have the sense to think before acting.
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