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  1. It grieves me too, but it also puzzles me! Why? Why do they decide not to include the organ when it really should be necessary? Is it because there would be the additional cost of ONE more player? Surely not. Nobody's that tight-fisted. Is is because of some innate dislike of the organ? I believe that some musicians regard the organ as strictly not a 'real' musical instrument at all! Perhaps I've missed something. Any other suggestions?
  2. Life can be so unfair. The poor chap had only just retired. At least his memory will live on.
  3. That sounds quite a complicated sequence of events and some quite expensive equipment. Perhaps it might have been easier and cheaper to make twelve wooden pipes to form the bottom octave extension of an existing 16' stop? Of course there is the space consideration.
  4. Ah, worth a visit then, even though I no longer live in God's County.
  5. Yes, I spent many days of my childhood looking around that place (wasn't it on North Parade?) imagining that I could buy one of those items. I shouldn't complain, though. I did, after all, acquire a wheezy old harmonium (with very leaky bellows), a cast-off from the local church, which my dad and his mate struggled to carry up two floors to my bedroom. I distinctly remember it having a fan tremulant which actually rotated!
  6. Even more ridiculous, give each member of the audience one of those 'clicker' things they seem to use on game shows, whereby each audience member can select 'brighter' or 'duller', and go with the majority vote!
  7. Yes, of course. In my earlier post I suggested that they might be able to us technology to determine the exact strength of all the frequencies present in each note.
  8. 😄 Yes! On the other hand, I was wondering whether organ builders consider how brightly they voice their instruments bearing in mind the potential audience - predominantly young or aged. For example, most churches - perhaps brighter upper work to enable older people to hear it; university colleges - hold back on the strong upper work so as not to deafen the younger ones.
  9. Having now had the opportunity to read your article thoroughly, I'd like to thank you for this highly interesting and educational article. One of the things that occurred to me is to question how organ builders/voicers should create their instruments. Assuming that, whatever the level of their hearing, they have the means to (perhaps electronically?) accurately determine and quantify the frequency content of the various pipes they create, should they voice the pipes/organs to suit a young audience or an old audience? Perhaps they might look at a typical organ recital audience and think, "Yes, we should go for the 60+ option"! (I'm only half-joking.) In all seriousness, I believe it is not possible to voice an organ to suit perfectly the hearing of both typical young and typical old listeners.
  10. Thanks. I hadn't though of that. I'll ask if it could be fixed in that setting or, perhaps, switchable into fixed mode.
  11. Thanks for that! I believe that mine have a 'speech in loud noise' facility, though I hadn't considered that it might not be activated. I'll have a word with the audiologist when I next see him. Er... may I please apologise for making FOUR posts in rapid succession. I promise that I am not trying to take over this very helpful thread!
  12. I bought mine about three years ago from Boots - Phonak B90. Since you mention it, I still have my (free) NHS hearing aids. Having heard what you and others have said, I think I'll invest in some new batteries and try them to compare with the (expensive) private ones.
  13. Very interested! I've bookmarked it and will have a look when time permits. Thank you.
  14. When I'm wearing them! I've spoken to the audiologist about it but he can't think of a solution.
  15. I have a pair of the 'several thousand pounds' hearing aids, yet I cannot hear the top end of a 1' stop or even of a 2' stop. I assume that, whereas the hearing aids are able to amplify sounds within my hearing range, above a certain point I can only assume that my hearing ability is non-existent, presumably due to too much Emerson, Lake and Palmer at high volumes during my youth. Incidentally, nothing to do with organs, but I can hear voices behind me in a crowded restaurant very well, but struggle to hear clearly people sitting in front of me!
  16. A rather common occurrence these days! The 'perpetually offended'.
  17. Yes. Unfortunately as the years go by, practicalities are being overtaken by bureaucracy!
  18. I am fortunate to possess a copy of his autobiography: 'Music for a Long While'. A fascinating read. I seem to remember a photograph of him in the war holding a piano accordion with which he'd entertain his fellow soldiers - not an officer, surprisingly, but a down-to-earth 'ordinary rank', though he is far from ordinary in reality of course! In fact, he has led an extraordinary life by all accounts and achieved a great deal. A man to be admired.
  19. Congratulations to Francis Jackson, now 102!
  20. Me too. Perhaps Darius might enlighten us as to whether existing stops are to be relocated in a new division, or (even better) a completely new division might be included. Just a personal little foible and I know it's not to everyone's taste, but I'd have included a Vox Humana as well. Yes. There is another inaccuracy on that site, or at least on the version I have ( I once bought a CD from him). It lists both Octave Twelfth 2 2/3 and Flute Nazard 2 2/3 on the Swell! I'm sure that isn't the case.
  21. I'm afraid your list isn't available. When I lived in Bradford, I used to come to the lunchtime recitals every, or at least most weeks. "The largest three manual organ in the world", they used to say!
  22. Strangely, it would have been about 1970 at a guess, around the same time this pipe was 'stolen', when a friend and I were visiting the Minster and noticed a table (I think in the north choir aisle) with a collection of organ pipes. Perhaps they were cleaning some pipes or whatever. I remember my friend picking up a pipe - a trumpet by the looks of it, and from somewhere in the treble register - and decided to give it a blow... nothing... so he blew a bit harder and we both jumped when it gave quite a loud sound. At that very time, a verger who bore a distinct resemblance to a large bat pounced upon us and tore us off a strip. Of course, we both gave our apologies and made ourselves scarce. I wonder if that would have been the same time and place this organ pipe was stolen.
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