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    Gloucester, no information anywhere on the web.
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    Painted pipes.

    JM That thought did cross my mind, I only sanded a couple of pipes prior to using a wire brush.
  3. PBJ

    Painted pipes.

    I did try a sander, never again, the dust went through 2 layers of clothing!!! I found that a wire brush removed enough of the covering to enable the pipes to be re-painted.
  4. I have been cleaning some wooden pipes of early 20th century vintage. The black "paint" is almost like a carbon/graphite covering rather than paint. It seems to be only on the surface, ie it has not soaked into the wood like modern paint. Can anyone enlighten me as to what it is?
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    Apologies, wrong thread.
  6. Best wishes to everyone. Paul
  7. PBJ

    Kings Nine Lessons

    Each year I look forward to listening to the service but I am frequently disappointed with what I hear. The singing often seems to lack passion and commitment. I feel as though I am listening to technique rather than music. I wonder if the BBC will ever broadcast the service from a cathedral...?
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    I cannot remember where I read it but I feel that Howell's music is best summed up by the quotation: "His music is loved by a few rather than liked by many"
  9. It always seemed that, whenever Radio 3 broadcast Choral Evensong from Hereford, there would be a minimum of 10 minutes worth of psalms.
  10. Thank you for the link to the website. Whilst I was only there for the second half of the service I still felt as though I had been to something special, not just "another evensong".
  11. I heard the second half of evensong at Tenbury. Magnificent singing, can you post more details on the Fountains singrs or do you have a website? The lady vicar was excellent, one of the besty clergy speaking voices I have ever heard. What happened in the last Vierne piece that caused FJ to stop part way through the piece, only to pick up from where he had stopped as though nothing had happened? Good recital, well worth going to hear.
  12. Didn't Ken Dodd have a hit song about this subject? "Tierces for souvenirs are all you've left me"
  13. I am glad someone raised this point, I thought I was hearing things!!! It was vaguely reminiscent of Stan. in G. With that outstanding quality of singing is it not time that the BBC looked elsewhere for the Service of Nine Lessons and Carols?
  14. I was about 30 seconds into the final voluntary this morning when a member of the congregation came to the console as asked if I would stop playing whilst she gave out a notice. On similar previous occasions I have stopped playing, then resumed after the notice. This morning I did not resume playing, I switched off the blower and closed the console. In the vestry I made it very plain that should it happen again I would be prepared to stand up in the service and ask that I be allowed to play a voluntary. At least my point of view was acknowledged, together with an apology. I wonder what others on the forum would have done or have done in the past.
  15. St. Matthias and St. George Astwood Bank, near Redditch, has a 2 manual Walker Positif, installed in 1965. In approximately 1980. it was decided that it was not loud enough to accompany the congregation, so an "external" diapason was installed on the Great, the existing diapason, duplexed from the Swell was disconnected, just from the Gt. The remainder of the organ, apart from the bottom octave of the Bourdon, is enclosed. The left pedal is a crescendo pedal.
  16. Far too many virtuoso organists are lacking in musicianship. How many technically brilliant players have you listened to, whether in concert, town hall, recordings or on the radio or tv, where the piece has consisted of one bar? No articulation nor accented beats, rigid time time-keeping, neither empathy with the music nor an ability to communicate with the listener. I suggest that these are the reasons why so many people when confronted with Bach's organ music respond by asking "Why should I waste time listening to such a dirge?" Best British player of Bach? Andrew Fletcher of Stourbridge PC in the West Midlands. His playing gives life to the music printed on the page.
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