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  1. Thank you Rowland for that. As always, it seems to be these days, our organs seem to be an obstruction to certain elements of the clergy and parish councils. I find it beyond belief that ANYONE should consider organ pipes to be obtrusive in a church where the organ is to be the main instrument of supporting worship. Maybe I'm missing out on something!
  2. I'm hoping any members on here might be able to help me. On one of the groups I'm a member of on Facebook, someone has posted some pictures of St Michael's church, Highworth. One is a view of the west end of the church, and it shows an organ divided on either side of the tower arch with what looks like the back of a console at floor level on the right of the picture. I looked it up on the NPOR, but the most up to date survey is from 1995 and shows H&H did work in 1972, and John Coulson, but it's undated. Sadly, there is no further information and the only spec given is from a survey from 1963. I looked on the church's website but it doesn't offer any more information. Does any member here have anymore info and an up to date specification? I live in hope!
  3. I'm curious as to whether there are plans to extend the Orchestral Trumpet to bottom C at Wimborne 🤔
  4. LOL I can imagine the ambulances lined up outside A&E departments across the country! I'm just curious about this organ as the pictures of the stop tabs on the OHS website show 64' stops, both flue and reed, a 32' Gemshorn and 32' Contra Violone on the pedal, chamades at 16' 8' and 4' as well as mutations a go go not covered in the specification supplied!
  5. I was playing around on YouTube (as one does!) and came across a video of Hammond Castle Encores recorded in 1976 at Hammond Castle in Gloucester, Massachusetts. I looked on Die Orgelseite and on the Organ Historical Society websites for the specifications, but they don't match the stop tabs on the pictures of the console, nor is there any mention of anything being prepared for. Could anybody shed some light on this please?
  6. Am I the only person who thought the service of the blessing of the Minster organ this morning was a big non event? I understand the service was choral eucharist, but after all the hype and press gone into such a major event, it was so low key. I appreciate the thanks given by the clergy during the service, but we never heard the voice of the very thing thanks was being given about.
  7. I was always led to believe that "bang and twang" was what some people call country and western music!
  8. Just watched the Southwell Minster Carol service online - and wonderful it was! I was wondering why the screen organ has been wrapped in plastic? I can't find any mention of building work happening in the church on their website or anywhere else - mind you, that could be because I'm a Luddite...
  9. The brustwerk of the Rieger in Clifton Cathedral has glass doors, and the Copley organ in St Mary Magdalen in Oxford has manually operated glass shutters to the Great, and the Swell has glass shutters to the North and South sides.
  10. I remember pictures of the bottom CCC 32' Open Flute arriving at Symphony Hall in Birmingham arriving on a canal boat at Brindley Place when the Klais organ was installed.
  11. The new plan for the organ by Nicholson's at Radley College Chapel sounds impressive! http://www.nicholsonorgans.co.uk/pf/radley/
  12. Such a sad loss indeed. David was so very helpful to me in finding obscure organ music and sharing his interpretations of pieces. A man of many talents and much knowledge who will be greatly missed. I send my love to all his family and friends.
  13. I don't think this is totally without merit to be honest, as one of the meanings of gedecht translates as 'thought'!
  14. There's a beautiful little classical case in St John's Church in Lancaster. It had pedal towers added by Ainscough in the 30's but thankfully this was remedied back in the 70's http://npor.org.uk/NPORView.html?RI=R01971 http://npor.org.uk/NPORView.html?RI=N01664
  15. I don't think Carlo Curley's touring Allen got installed - I believe a Bradford Computing organ was the instrument of choice after the old Nicholson/Walker was scrapped.
  16. I like the look of it - wonder if they will find somewhere to put a chamade reed?
  17. Looks like Fratelli Ruffati are getting a toe hold in the UK now - I see Pershore Abbey are commissioning them to build a new three manual organ to the tune of £850,000. A meeting on the 27th will be held to decide on how it will be funded, as well as details of the specification etc
  18. There's nothing on the AHORP website which I find surprising. I'd have thought something of this importance would have been made public through that, never mind word of mouth. Lancaster may be a city but word gets around pretty quickly! Maybe I've just not been paying attention lately!
  19. I'd love to hear this organ after the additions made by Wood of Huddersfield and how the reregulated 32' pedal reed sounds
  20. I remember many years ago my school's founder's day service in a large town centre parish church with a very fine Father Willis organ. The final hymn ended on a very thrilling note, full organ including a thundering pedal ophicleide. The organist who played the final hymn before the headmaster gave his final address left the bench didn't cancel his registration unbeknown to the organist who was playing the concluding voluntary. The final organist needed to adjust the organ bench as it was too far from the console, which he did by standing on the pedal board & pulling the bench closer. The fact that the resulting thunder clap over rode the headmaster's final address resulted in VERY stern looks from the said headmaster in the mirror on the console
  21. Just out of curiosity, are any other members trying to access the Nicholson's website having the same problems as I have? I tried to look at their site only to find I'm being sent to a USA immigration service page saying how I can apply for a green card - most strange
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