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  1. The brustwerk of the Rieger in Clifton Cathedral has glass doors, and the Copley organ in St Mary Magdalen in Oxford has manually operated glass shutters to the Great, and the Swell has glass shutters to the North and South sides.
  2. I remember pictures of the bottom CCC 32' Open Flute arriving at Symphony Hall in Birmingham arriving on a canal boat at Brindley Place when the Klais organ was installed.
  3. The new plan for the organ by Nicholson's at Radley College Chapel sounds impressive! http://www.nicholsonorgans.co.uk/pf/radley/
  4. Such a sad loss indeed. David was so very helpful to me in finding obscure organ music and sharing his interpretations of pieces. A man of many talents and much knowledge who will be greatly missed. I send my love to all his family and friends.
  5. I don't think this is totally without merit to be honest, as one of the meanings of gedecht translates as 'thought'!
  6. There's a beautiful little classical case in St John's Church in Lancaster. It had pedal towers added by Ainscough in the 30's but thankfully this was remedied back in the 70's http://npor.org.uk/NPORView.html?RI=R01971 http://npor.org.uk/NPORView.html?RI=N01664
  7. I don't think Carlo Curley's touring Allen got installed - I believe a Bradford Computing organ was the instrument of choice after the old Nicholson/Walker was scrapped.
  8. I like the look of it - wonder if they will find somewhere to put a chamade reed?
  9. Looks like Fratelli Ruffati are getting a toe hold in the UK now - I see Pershore Abbey are commissioning them to build a new three manual organ to the tune of £850,000. A meeting on the 27th will be held to decide on how it will be funded, as well as details of the specification etc
  10. There's nothing on the AHORP website which I find surprising. I'd have thought something of this importance would have been made public through that, never mind word of mouth. Lancaster may be a city but word gets around pretty quickly! Maybe I've just not been paying attention lately!
  11. Quite a pair of shoes to fill! Good luck & God's blessing to him. Peter King has left a wonderful legacy which I hope will continue onwards & upwards under Huw's guidance.
  12. Does anyone know what the state of play is regarding the organ here? There's nothing on the website to say anything apart from they have a toaster acting as the main instrument for services and recitals
  13. They certainly haven't skimped on the celestes!
  14. I remember the 5 manual console by Walker at Tewkesbury Abbey in the loft over the cantoris choir stalls with the 2 manual console. The 2 manual did all the work, but the 5 manual was functioning, controlling the Milton and Apse sections. It was also independent so that it and the 2 manual console could be used together for teaching purposes and for both players to use different registers I believe.My abiding memory of being in that loft as an 11 year old boy was the 5 manual console covered with sections of card cut out in curves and taped over the stops of the Grove organ and the "prepared f
  15. There's the wedding scene at the end of the remake of A Miracle on 34th Street as well! It may be the Wedding march but it makes quite a marvelous noise! LOL
  16. undamaris

    Unda Maris

    I remember playing the (now) defunct organ in Holy Trinity, Coventry way back in the 80's, and it had an Unda Maris on the Solo Organ, and that was a flute celeste - makes a change from some of the the more usual "stringent" celestes we hear by more modern builders these days
  17. I feel I have to agree! There IS a place for our wonderful tubas - CS Lang and Mr Cocker would be rolling in their graves at all of this! Can anyone seriously imagine "I was Glad" opened by a chamade reed with all the presence of a high pressure kazoo? It just wouldn't work! Just the same as a Willis Corno di Bassetto would no more pass for a cromorne or krummhorn in early French or German music. Each stop has its place according to the era and tastes that the music composed for it allows - and even calls for. Mr Hollins specified an Orchestral Trumpet for his (in)famous minuette after all, wh
  18. St Stephen's does have a gentle quality, but in the 80's when I played it, the reeds all needed re regulating. I remember the Violone on the pedal used to buzz quite loudly in its bottom octave! The Swell Celeste is/was probably one of the most restful I've ever come across, being reminiscent of a Father Willis Vox Angelica but of only one rank.
  19. St Stephen's Tromba certainly shreiked! Mind you, so did the Swell Mixture...
  20. Such a shame I joined this forum so late! I'm a Cheltenham boy in exile in the north and would love to have done a crawl in Chelters! I played the organ in St Stephen's for a while when Father Gott was the incumbent - I remember him striding up the nave with a roll up in his mouth puffing like the Flying Scotsman in full glory! Not even the incense could mask that tobacco. Would love to hear the beauty installed in Pricess Hall of the Ladies College - anyone have opinions on that organ?
  21. undamaris


    Many thanks to you both! I'm very grateful for the information
  22. I remember this organ as being a three manual - also remember listening to the late great Nicholas Danby play it during a master class in the 80's - the Trompeta Real damn near scalped me as I was sat in front of the case where it was positioned!
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