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  1. Keble College, Oxford

    I believe the present organ in St Thomas's came from another Bristol church, St Werburgh's, now a climbing centre, and was fitted into the original case. I can't provide any references as NPOR seems to be doing funny things.
  2. Frederick Rothwell

    On another quest, I came across something about this builder, of whom I had never heard, and his novel stop arrangement. Here (I hope) is the reference: http://www.stgeorgeheadstone.org.uk/section/4. I'm curious to know if anyone has played one of these and if so what it was like.
  3. St Mary Redcliffe

    Short notice, I know, but Evensong tomorrow (6.30) will be the last chance to hear the organ before it is taken down for restoration. I gather they intend to make "a bit of an occasion" of it.
  4. Recitals

    There is one of the fairly rare chances to hear the Colston Hall organ on Tuesday 23 September. The details are here: http://www.colstonhall.org/boxoffice/whatson/Event790
  5. Organ Wars In France

    Here is an interesting story from yesterday's Observer. www.guardian.co.uk/world/2008/jun/29/france.classicalmusicandopera Ther is a YouTube clip at www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJB1SJG3vCs
  6. O Come Or Once In Royal

    Surely one of the dreariest tunes ever written!
  7. Flooding

    There is an article in the Church Times: www.churchtimes.co.uk/content.asp?id=42537
  8. Bristol Cathedral Organ

    I hear the Bristol organ on a weekly basis and very fine it is too. I have never noticed the problems with the action that have been mentioned. Thinking that my normal position lurking near the back might flatter the sound, I went into the choir yesterday to listen to the final voluntary. I still heard no odd noises and I can only guess there must have been a microphone in a very odd place. Even so, my not bad tuner and stereo system didn't pick up anything during the broadcast. By the way, there was a guest choir singing at the morning service of the day of the broadcast. A consequence of moving CE to Sunday? PS I remember hearing Fernando Germani as a schoolboy in Glasgow and being blown away (almost literally) by the Reubke sonata.
  9. Cats And Organs

    Some cats have official status. See: http://www.gloucestercathedral.org.uk/whoswho.asp, and scroll to the end.