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  1. Paul Hale at St German's. Cardiff on Wednesday 15 June, 7.30. I have no details of the programme yet. Peter
  2. "In a Monastery Garden" - Albert Ketelby. Peerless. P
  3. Most entertaining - and taken at a good and sensible speed too. How many (me included) have taken it at a breakneck pace? I was talking to a friend who was once a member of this forum who opined that this is in fact more difficult to play at a measured pace (as here) than the helter-skelter often heard. I am finding the same problem with the Dupre C&L. Working on it! Peter
  4. Chicago - great musical. Ebb and Kander are up there with Rogers and Hammerstein/Rogers and Hart, Kern, Coward &c as writers of musicals. Vastly superior to one current exponent whose father was a respected organist/composer and whose brother plays a big upside-down violin. P
  5. The Walker I played in London about 20 years ago had tab stops and a double touch canceller was one of the playing aids, as a tab; I suspect this is a Walker innovation since I had never seen one before. I've never seen it as a drawstop. Peter
  6. Indeed; I was taught on that organ by Harry Bramma - possibly the least satisfactory place to sit to hear the organ is at the console! Peter
  7. I got my copy out with a view to relearning it - I last played it about 15 years ago! It is one of those old OUP editions, green cover with staves and the cover price? A princely £3.95!! P
  8. Information about the church can be found here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crystal_Cathedral with a link to details about the organ. Peter
  9. There is also a delightful and quite simple Canzonetta in one of the OUP compilations. Peter
  10. Yes another fine piece from Mathias. Unfortunately little seems to be known of his organ music other than Processional and Toccata Giocosa which crop up fairly regularly in recitals. Peter
  11. Yeas, a terrific piece which I think is much more sophisticated that the earler Processional (though that's great fun too). I have been looking at his Antiphones lately which I am considering learning, and which I reckon to be a lot more profound - does anybody have experiences of that piece? (I suspect this calls for a new thread...) Peter
  12. Thanks for this - how was it done? Any more where that one came from? Why was the swell box closed after the piece had finished??? Peter
  13. Why? With choir support it can be sung by an average congregation - after all is, arguably, not much more than a slightly elaborate psalm chant. Peter
  14. What, Stainer's? It beautiful in my opinion! Peter
  15. Great to see Justason doing so well. All this and lacrosse too! Has he ever thought of signing up to this forum? I'm an old fogey whose university days are long gone but it would be informative,and I'm sure entertaining, to have some insights from the younger organist and musical student life generally. P
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