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  1. The inclusion of two PMD pieces is interesting though perhaps inevitable given his currernt position; Stromness is of course one of his more lyrical pieces and has been a Classic FM favourite for some time. But will Veni Creator Spiritus win him many new fans I wonder? I love it, frankly, but I would like to know if this was a choice of the couple or of the Abbey's music department.... Peter
  2. A very happy Easter to all - and renewed thanks to John and Rachel for their hospitality on this forum. Having just got home from playing/directing a 2 1/2 hour vigil (preceded by a choir practice), and having had a couple of very welcome Bacchanalian tinctures, I am hoping that tomorrow's Mass will go equally well! Going to close proceedings with an episode of Fawlty Towers!! Once again, my best to all. Peter
  3. Radio 4, 1.30pm today is broadcasting a programme about the Willis firm. Peter
  4. Summerville's recording of the Hallelujah was also the reason I bought that LP. It was my first real exposure to Reger and though I have never attempted that piece it inspired me to tackle some less demanding works of his - Dankpsalm (and others from that collection), Te Deum, Benedictus (predictable, I suppose!), and not a few of the smaller chorale preludes. Is the Summerville LP still available as a CD? Peter
  5. I preferred Roy Wood when he was with The Move - Blackberry Way was a great song. Apropos Elton John, Choir and Organ reported that he was to give (or has given?) a benefit concert to raise funds for the new RAM organ. I liked his very early material such as his debut (I think) album called simply Elton John. And then Tumbleweed Connection. OK so now we're at it, how many Tom Waits fans out there? And Zappa anyone? Peter
  6. Supertramp, certainly. An excellent band. From Now On is one of their best, I think (from Even in the Quitest Moments IIRC). Now, Alan Parsons Project, anyone? P
  7. Paul Derrett (Cynic) has contacted me asking that I pass on a message to forum members. Paul has said that he has been suspended from the forum and is thus unable to post a message; he wishes to express his gratitude to the members of this discussion board and that he is fully aware of the reasons for his suspension but also wishes to register his disappointment at not being contacted directly about this suspension. Paul feels that he is now unable to consider resuming his membership of thisd forum but that he intends to continue visiting the forum as a guest. Peter
  8. I don't think so David and I would welcome such a project. As you will know from previous threads I have a keen interest in introducing the organ to children or children to the organ and my modest attempts in the past have been fairly successful. So this seems to me something very worthwhile and I look forward to the finished product which I feel will be of great value - and I am equally sure, knowing your prowess, that it will be an artistic and critically acclaimed success too. Best wishes with it and keep us posted! Peter
  9. It also alloows a one-click command to export a file as a PDF. Peter
  10. My copy is now with me and I have looked through it; I have started work on the Iain Farrington piece Bluesday which is certainly evocative and atmospheric ("smoky" to cite C&O's review). In fact this is the main reason for my buying the book in the first place. The Macmillan left me too a bit non-plussed, and even Rutter's contribution, two pages of consecutive fifths with a plainsong melody underneath didn't (at first playing) do much for me. But the book is certainly worth the money. Peter
  11. Paul is your review available online? I tried to find it. RAC thanks for pointing out the error (and the gracious response to you from Martin Neary). I am expecting my copy Monday if postal schedules indicated are to be trusted and will post again when I have had the chance to play through the book. Peter
  12. This newly published volume attracted a very favourable review in Choir and Organ (but has not yet received a notice in OR though I am sure it shall) , and, at its very reasonable price (not to mention the cause which it will support) I was prompted to order a copy from Musicroom, though it hasn't arrived yet. However, I have heard two of the items on the web: Bluesday by Iain Farrington and Carnival by Thomas Hewitt-Jones, both very impressive. With 9 other contributions by, among others, John Rutter and James MacMillan, this comes in at less than £1.00 a piece. Has anyone else got this album yet, and if so what is the verdict? Peter
  13. Jenny, thanks for this update, but as you say, there has been a tragic loss of human life. I have said in other circumstances but I will say again that churches and organs can be rebuilt once they are lost. Lives cannot. The loss of one life compared to the loss of a biulding or an instrument within it cannot be equated and our admiration for the rescue teams and hope for any success they may have is assured. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Peter
  14. It is possible to be both! Oh and yes, congratulations! Peter
  15. Just a general remark that it is this kind of thoughtfulness and generosity (of which I have been the recpient in the past) that characterises this discussion board, and one for which I and I know many others are grateful. Peter
  16. Tremulant - descriptive of an organist's hands as the sermon at the morning service threatens to carry on past opening time sub octave - just time for one more before my taxi arrives octave - no more for me thanks super octave - sloshed Peter
  17. Nice performance but of a piece not actually by John Barry! Peter
  18. A sad loss to the world of film music - he was up there with John Willians and Jerry Goldsmith as a composer of scores for "fantasy" films. I do not know his piece "pray to the Lord". Is this compilation still available? On another thread I recounted how I played his Moonraker theme as a concluding voluntary for my mother-in-law, a huge Bond fan. Peter
  19. Didn't Procol Harum use a Hammond when Matthew Fisher was the band's organist? Now that is the defining Hammond sound! Peter
  20. But surely Colin, in the right hands (and feet) a Hammond can be quite impressive. Try Barbara Dennerlein (if I spell her name correctly!). Peter
  21. Yesterday's Guardian noted that it was Dame Gillian's 70th birthday yesterday. I may have missed something but is anything planned to recognise this? Peter
  22. This morning the programme was guest-edited by Richard Ingrams and one of the features was about the FRH orgam, in which Igrams inerveiwed Dame GW and Williasm McVicker - did anyone else hear this - and what ws the Bach that Ingrams played at the end of the piece?
  23. Althogh I don't use Sibelius (I've got Music Publisher 7 which can export music files to Word as graphics so obviously they can't be edited once there), I have also got Tablet Free PDF which seems to do most things that other readers do. Good luck! Peter
  24. Wityh very best wishes for Christmas to all here, and many thanks to John and Rachel for keeping this very valuable forum alive. Peter
  25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BM7_l51ZFvA&feature=relat I love this Peter
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