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  1. It costs £8.00 including p&p. My misprint information is wromg - for bars 32/3 read 34/5! P
  2. I just received the score of this recently published work (reviewed in the latest issue of Laudate) and I have always had a fondness for this partular hymn/worship song which is quite profound textually and musically despite its apparent simplicity. I am very pleased with this Fantasy which establishes a different but not disrespctful harmonic language to support and enhance the theme. The piece starts fairly simply but by system 3 we are already treading distinctive harmonic waters. There are some harmonies here which I can only describe as "lush"! The middle section sees the subject treated with a increasing sense of drama and intensity and it returns to the mood (though not the music) of the opening for a calm conclusion. It is thus arguably Howellsian in structure but the similarity ends there. I would put it at about grade 7-8 standard. No awkward scale passages or double pedalling; there is some challenging though not insurmountable work for the left had from pages 5 to 7. Helpful fingering and pedal suggestions are given, though there are no registration suggestions (which I for one find a relief!) though manual indications are included. One or two misprints - at bar 26 RH an a flat appears clearly intended for bar 27; similarly at bars 32/3 RH the flat which is semingly intented to modify the a in bar 33 appears in bar 32. These are however minor quibbles in what is an excellent production. This would make an striking recital piece (which is what I mean to do) as well as a fitting outgoing voluntary - which I will probably also do (though not before putting it in a recital programme). As the hymn itself is an effective opening hymn for a service playing the Fantasy as a final voluntary could evoke a satisfying sense of completion. It is available from Organist Publications (see their website for contact details). Happy playing! Peter
  3. I got the complete score recently - also downloaded the 8 pieces in the suite from Amazon. The score looks pretty fierce in places! Wonderful stuff though. P
  4. I suppose that no piece of music, if executed properly, is ever as easy as it sounds! P
  5. An organist I know regularly played it on this: http://www.npor.org.uk/cgi-bin/Rsearch.cgi...ec_index=A00691 Peter
  6. This thread on Mathias prompted me to look at my scores of his music. I looked at Invocations a few weeks ago, which I really like, but a piece of his which seems rarely to get an outing is Berceuse (1986) which, on a much fudged play-throught today, strikes me as being a most effective piece. Hardly a lullaby at times though! It employs, as one would expect, the idiosyncratic melodic, rhythmic and harmonic language of the composer, but I would suggest this is not one of his more demanding pieces, at least for the player, on a par I would say with Processional as far a technique is concerned. I wonder how it goes down with audiences? Peter
  7. For what it's worth I am going back to have a series of "refresher" lessons after 20 years without formal teaching. Not for improvisation or harmonisation but simply to find out what bad habits I've fallen into, and how to get out of them as well as finishing off (or polishing up) a few pieces I've been working on. I would say that a teacher is always worth gettng. Good luck and maybe we can exchange progress notes! Peter
  8. Mnay years ago I was given a CD called Xanadu made by the Austrailian John Giacchi and one of the tracks is Spring Fever by "Bloom". No other information is given. Nothing on Musicroom. Can anybody shed light please? Peter
  9. The Guild of Church Musicians asks for an annual membership fee of £20.00, which I have not yet paid having not received the applications forms, but I have received the yearbook and a copy of their quarterly journal - both excellent publications IMHO. The fee for the ACertCM is currently £200 which I think most reasonable. As has been suggested above, the course material looks very stimulatiing. Peter
  10. I recently bought a Kevin Mayhew book - an activity more rare now than earlier - which contains a sight-readable arrangement of the Dambusters March along with a number of other well-known marches. Peter
  11. and all that on a 2-man toaster! There's a fine line between genius amd madness, and HO is certainly on the former side! P
  12. Thanks Graham. I play the Toccata but feel I would rather let it stand alone. That pedal intro with the following chords is, to my mind, some of the best of Mathias. That and the opening to Invocations which I have always found electifying. Peter
  13. Thanks G for the reply. It seems that Crawford was a self-tought though brilliant theatre organist. That he had no formal training but could make such a persuasive transcription is quite remarkable. I will order the score from Michael Music. Peter
  14. I have seen organ recitals advertised to "raise funds for the organ restoration project" or similar. I have never seen a piano recitlal dedicated to raising funds for the restoration of the piano, nor a violin concert dedicated ..... and so on. I wait for an announcement for an orchestral concert to raise funds for the orchestra - or a Mass to raise funds for altar breads!!!! Peter
  15. When I saw your post I was quite excited as I used to have the Chrisotopher Herrick LP. I looked the Richard Lea recording up on Amazon and see one track is listed as Fanfare for KBL and Toccata Giocosa. On the recording the former seems to run straight into the latter. Three questions struck me: when did Mathias make this adjustment? why did he? is it entirely successful? Peter a 4th question: who KBL?
  16. Philip Scriven played this last night at Lichfield and though I wasn't there a friend was and she reported hightly favourably on it. I've thought of getting the score but the only source I can find on google is Michael Music in the USA for which the postage is about the same price as the score; is there anywhere in the UK where it might be got? Indeed does anyone here play it? Cheers Peter
  17. Most entertaining - and taken at a good and sensible speed too. How many (me included) have taken it at a breakneck pace? I was talking to a friend who was once a member of this forum who opined that this is in fact more difficult to play at a measured pace (as here) than the helter-skelter often heard. I am finding the same problem with the Dupre C&L. Working on it! Peter
  18. The church I serve as organist and choirmaster has agreed to pay for some refresher lessons for me, as I discussed on another thread. As part of this programme of professional dervelopment upon which I am embarking I am also considering asking the church to sponsor me for the ACertCM. I have looked at the current syllabus (and fees!) and feel it is pretty well within my grasp. I wonder if members here who have taken the diploma have any advice to offer before I commit myself (and the parish) to this venture. Looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers Peter
  19. This has all been very helpful. Thank you very much to all who have replied. Petdr
  20. I have recently asked for and got the promise of funding from the parish for a short course of "referesher" lessons, or consultations as it is some 20 years since I have had any systematic tuition (with Harry Bramma when he was at Southwark). This was partly brought about by the hand injury I suffered last year which prevented me from playing all but hymns and simple Mass settings but also a realisation that I have probably acquired some bad habits over the years. I am grateful that the Provincial of the order which runs the parish (Rosminians) deems this a valid claim on parish money but I wonder what is a reasonable rate to pay? I have heard of figures rangeing from £30.00 to £70.00 per hour - both figures from more or less equally experienced teachers/organists. Obviously I want the parish to get the best value it can for its money. Your thoughts would be appreciated thanks. Peter
  21. Peter Clark


    Does anybody here use Christopher Walker's Veni Sancte Spiritus? It consists of a Latin ostinato for congregation over which the English words of the Pentecost Sequence are sung by a cantor. There is optional instrumentation which can augment the organ part and an optional coda whch modulates up a 4th (thus beating Rutter by 2!). Peter
  22. I am reliably normed that this service took place yesterday (Friday). Petetr
  23. Chicago - great musical. Ebb and Kander are up there with Rogers and Hammerstein/Rogers and Hart, Kern, Coward &c as writers of musicals. Vastly superior to one current exponent whose father was a respected organist/composer and whose brother plays a big upside-down violin. P
  24. What theme is that, adnosad? I don't know that song. (I assume you are a Liszt fan? ) P
  25. Curiously when I awoke today I was shivering and sweating and coughing and sneezing so it looks like a couple of days off will now be enforced, which explains my presence on this forum at this time of day. Fortunately I have a fairly recently opened half bot of scotch to stave off the lurgy, and leadership of the choir rehearsal tonight has been delegated. Pity me, dear friends, for not being able to do choir tonight but to have instead a few soothing but medicinally essential whiskies and an early night. Aren't you all so sorry? P
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