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  1. P DeVile

    Recitals for children

    Here in Saffron Walden we have an annual ‘Organ outreach’ concert aimed at kids from 6-8yr olds (but adults love it too…) We were able to use (with permission) the Birmingham Symphony Hall organ video - which is excellent: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yZWZI3f61EY Our organists played various pieces including one pretending to be a tourist and while the ‘compare’ was talking, mooched up the church in disguise to the chamber organ and played a note (the kids fell about laughing) then more and did a duet with the main organ of the Hornpipe Humoresque. It ended with both organists duetting on the main organ the theme of The Incredibles. It is so important that young ones are shown about organs. I find it heartbreaking as an organ builder that so few people are going into the craft - much of it due to the Blair government encouraging teenagers stay on at school and then on to university, when they really want to get out there, like I did. I’ve been doing this now for coming on 42 years and when I retire, who do I pass it on to? Sorry for the soapbox but arrrgh. P
  2. P DeVile

    Parish church organ scholars

    Here at St Mary's Saffron Walden we have an organ scholarship scheme - details here: http://www.stmaryssaffronwalden.org/music/organ/ Best wishes Peter
  3. P DeVile

    P D Collins Organ At Turner Sims

    I am happy to report that the rejected Faculty application for the installation of the Collins organ in Orford has been reversed and so it is all systems go for the project. Completion due by Easter 2019. Peter
  4. P DeVile

    List of beautiful English Organs

    The organ that you say is in the Summer Drawing room is in fact in the Long Gallery and is exquisite. It is on wheels so one can push it away from the wall to get in to tune it. The problem then is pushing it back again as the floor is very slippery! The chapel organ is very fine but in quite a state now sadly.
  5. P DeVile

    World Cup

    Keeping this thread alive. Good luck to the boys - they did so well. P
  6. P DeVile

    P D Collins Organ At Turner Sims

    I therefore suggest that you visit the church so you can see, and more importantly feel the situation. This is a church which has been handed an instrument on a plate which will enhance the worship and also the secular side of the place. I have rarely seen a village church which is so alive and which puts on wonderful concerts. These choral concerts have, each time so far had to be accompanied by a toaster because the 6 stop 2 manual is not suitable. I can show you several organs which I care for which are not right for the building and which have been there forever and look out of place. The organ they are hoping to be installed is costing a tenth of the value of its worth. It is a no brainer to me, so saying that they should ditch both and start again is frankly absurd.
  7. P DeVile

    P D Collins Organ At Turner Sims

    Having spent the past few days in Orford, I thought that I could do a video of the inside of the church which may show the size of it. Despite my rather dodgy camerawork, I think that it shows what the internal dimensions are like and how the Collins organ looks. How anyone can possibly say that it looks too big for the building is frankly absurd. What do you think? By the way, I have no professional interest in this project - just simply that I have a love for the village and surrounding area! P
  8. P DeVile

    P D Collins Organ At Turner Sims

    Quick update. In this month's Orford Church magazine it says the following: Meanwhile, at its Ipswich meeting on Friday 9th February, the Diocesan Advisory Committee turned down our application for a faculty to install the organ in St Bartholomew's Church as being simply too big, despite having requested two mock-ups (each costing several thousand pounds) to determine best position, either in the northwest corner or in front of the tower. It is now open to the PCC to appeal to the Diocesan Chancellor who is a London barrister. The Collins organ looks fine where it is and will be of huge benefit. Madness! Peter
  9. P DeVile

    Hazel Davies

    Thank you for this - a truly wonderful woman. She started me off on the piano 53 years ago.... Peter
  10. P DeVile

    P D Collins Organ At Turner Sims

    I gather that they are keeping the tiny 2 manual in the North of the chancel for accompanimental purposes. The organ should be really fabulous though as it is a surprisingly large church with a lovely acoustic.
  11. P DeVile

    P D Collins Organ At Turner Sims

    Just been into Orford Church to find the organ there already but without pipes or action because the Diocesan Organ Advisor requested a full size mock-up.... before a faculty can be granted. It is a shame that it covers up a window but there is nowhere else for the instrument to go and will be of huge benefit to the worship and Aldeburgh/Snape music festivals. Peter
  12. P DeVile

    (Not) blowing into organ pipes

    We tend to blow hot air... no jokes please... which affects the pitch of the pipe which you have blown into and so then takes ages to cool down so you can put it back into tune again. Same goes for just picking them up. I would add that it isn't so important if you want to pick up a 16ft Violone and blow down it! Hope all have had a good Christmas Peter
  13. P DeVile


    David Briggs is coming to St Mary's Saffron Walden this Friday to do a silent-screen improvisation to The 1925 Phantom of the Opera. http://www.stmaryssaffronwalden.org/2016/10/phantom-of-the-opera/ All are welcome! Peter
  14. P DeVile


    David Hill will be giving an organ recital in St Mary's Saffron Walden on 16th July at 19:30. It is to include music by Bach, Liszt, Howells and Dupre. Tickets are £10 (£5 under 18). Thanks Peter
  15. P DeVile


    David Dunnett is giving a recital in St Mary's Parish Church, Saffron Walden on Saturday 17th October starting at 20:00. All are welcome.