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  1. I know I’m also several years late, however - Generic Sunday evensong - introit: The Call (Richard Lloyd) - responses: Radcliffe - psalms: 47, 48, 49 (Davy, Garrett, Walmisley) - canticles: St Paul’s Service (Howells) - anthem: Lord thou hast been our refuge (Bairstow) - hymn: Christ triumphant (Guiting Power) - voluntary: Paean (Howells) And also a (very large scale) Easter Day Festal Evensong - introit: Rise, heart (Vaughan Williams) - responses: Rose - psalms: 113, 114, 118 (Crotch, Bairstow, Lloyd, Garrett) - canticles: Ru
  2. Etoile du Soir (Vierne) Introit: Christus Factus Est (Bruckner) Responses: Radcliffe Office Hymn: Holy Spirit, ever dwelling (Salisbury) Psalm: 66 (Garrett [A major chant]) ...if 2 more were required then 64 (Turle) and 65 (EJ Hopkins) Howells St. Paul's Service Lo the Full Final Sacrifice (Finzi) Final Hymn: Lord of our Life, and God of our Salvation (Iste Confessor) Fete (Langlais)
  3. Of course, if you live on a farm, like me, you would have a substantial stone barn which is bird proof and damp proof and would be able to install the following: Builder: Harrison and Harrison Pedal Subbass 16 Principal 8 Flute 4 Posaune 16 Great Principal 8 Stopped Diapason 8 Octave 4 Flute 4 Fifteenth 2 Mixture IV Trumpet 8 Swell Chimney Flute 8 Echo Gamba 8 Voix Celeste 8 Principal 4 Fifteenth 2 Harmonics III Cornopean 8 Oboe 8 However, for the living room, the following would be somewhat more feasible: Great Stopped Diapason 8 Principal 4 Quint 2 2/3 Octave 2 Swell Chimn
  4. I put Walker on my list because one of the organs I play on is a 1962 Walker, which is in a fairly standard style (ie. not neoclassical or anything else in particular); this organ has an incredible sound right from the quietest stops to the full organ. It seems a pity they are closing down/restructuring as they seemed always to be a company to produce amazing pipe organs
  5. In my opinion the best option would be to increase the size of the existing chancel organ to four manuals with a new solo manual in the style of Willis, and install a two manual nave organ, based on the existing Mander nave organ pipework, and new pipework. This would mean that, since the vast majority of services are only held in the chancel, the organ there would be fairly comprehensive, but there would be a versatile organ in the nave to be there when needed. The new specification would be as follows: Chancel Solo Contra Gamba 16 Flute Harmonique 8 Violoncello 8 Cello Celestes 8
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