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  1. A huge thank you to all at Manders for an enthralling and clearly very successful day. I came prepared for an hour or so, but stayed for just over four and never for a moment felt I'd overstayed my welcome. All the staff - a very international team - were more than happy to talk in detail about, and demonstrate, their craft and art, and I learned a lot! I know that much work will have gone on behind the scenes to prepare for the Open Day and I do hope that the staff found their efforts were worthwhile and rewarding. Two activities stand out among a host of items - firstly the demonstration of pipe metal casting which saw sheets of spotted metal being created and secondly the opportunity to play and compare the two continuo organs was excellent! Although somewhat large for my stocking, if Santa insists then I'll just get a bigger one! The last Open Day was - apparently - some 8 years ago. Clearly the success of such an event is partly governed by the work in progress that can be shown off, but I do hope it won't be a further 8 years before we're fortunate enough to have another opportunity to peek behind the scenes. Thank you all again for such a memorable day.
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