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  1. Norman & Beard Question

    I expect you have already tried an NPOR search as I did without success. [i used the name of the builder, set the in-between dates (so as not to get HN&B ) and then the Tierce stop and then searched]. It actually shows that the recording of specifications could be improved. When there is only one record which gives the latest spec it is often difficult to work out what the original spec was. However, as a resource based on voluntary effort I think we would all miss it if it was not there.
  2. New organ for Cambridge

    Is there confusion here between Selwyn and Sidney Sussex?
  3. Fulham Court

    Gosh; thank you very much for posting those John Mander. It looks magnificent.
  4. Fulham Court

    Thank you John Mander for the additional information. I wonder if there is a better picture of the case anywhere or will I just have to wait until you write it up for your website?
  5. Fulham Court

    You are correct. Thanks. The earlier article did not name the location but did give the surname of the client which I see corresponds with a press report I found from a Henley newspaper which carried a report of the consecration of this new RC church/chapel.
  6. Fulham Court

    [CULHAM COURT; not Fulham as was auto corrected - sorry]. The property section of the Saturday Telegraph 5 Nov 2016 contains and article about this years winners of The Georgian Group Awards. The winner of the 'New Building in the Classical Tradition' is given as a Roman Catholic chapel at Culham Court, Oxfordshire. The chapel may have been consecrated in January this year. An interior photograph looking westwards appears to show a substantial case of an organ with 5 flats (possibly including 2 towers) in a wooden case with cornice and pipe shades. Given the owner who could afford to have all this built hails from the continent does anyone have any further information about the organ and who built it?
  7. Most bizarre specifications?

    There is a modern 32ft Contra Reim here See details of N10177 at Milton Abbey in Dorset.
  8. Appointments 2

    The same confusion has just happened on the front cover of the Spring Pugin Society Journal. They were very quick to email members to apologise. There can be problems when the writer is also proof reader as I know to my cost!
  9. Gongs

    Has anybody from the public thought to nominate such organists or do they expect institutions to nominate their own as in the past? The system was changed to allow the public to nominate as well but what we don't get to see is the names of those nominated who did not make it through.
  10. Burges designed a splendid case for his proposed Lille Cathedral to go on a gallery under a rose window, so it could be in the Transept rather than the West end. There are pyramids on top of what looks like battlements on the towers with several in between bits which look like tiled sloping roofs on a case with nine compartments. It has a 'chair ' case on the front of the gallery as well. Unfortunately, it is only a black and white print so I do not know if the original was coloured in what might have been a riot of colours. Fantastical! It appears on page 137 of the 2013 revised J Mordaunt Crook book on William Burgess which was bought new for significantly less than the £45 listed on the cover. The pages alone measure in at 3.5 cm thickness. I call that a good buy!
  11. I hope they upload the promised organ photo's. I am interested to see what the new west end looks like and what the new choir organ case looks like. Also, the design proposed by Burges. [Edit I now see the link is broken from the organ specification page. It is better to look at the main Cathedral website and on the Music/ organ tabs. I would still like to see some more pictures, though I appreciate given the position of the organ they are rather difficult to take. An ordinary view of the west end and choir organ would be good.]
  12. Bear and Pipe Organ

    I am reminded of the Gabler organ in Ochsenhausen where the ox emerges from its stable when you draw the Cuckoo stop!
  13. Magdalen College, Oxford

    Thank you Peter Gunstone for helping my memory. I am obviously mistaken and perhaps confused the destination of the old organ with one from another Oxford College.
  14. Magdalen College, Oxford

    I had always understood that the current Mander instrument was one part of the solution to provide for organs in the chapel. What has not happened is the provision of a much larger instrument in the south transept. Perhaps they were waiting for a rich old boy who had an interest in music/ organs to die. I was told the old H&H/HNB was very cramped on the screen making maintenance and tuning difficult. It was, however, regarded by some as the best organ in Oxford for choir accompaniment. Do I recall seeing that the church which bought it is now redundant?
  15. Guildflord Cathedral

    I thought that David Wells of Liverpool was doing the work, but may be wrong. They are also having a new 2 manual + pedal as a choir organ I think. Is one builder doing both or are two involved? I wonder if the Positive division is staying in the choir or being incorporated into the main organ in the transept. All questions but no answers I'm afraid.