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  1. Hi, You should try contacting the Serials Librarian (or equivalent) or Electronic Resources Librarian at your academic libary. They should be able to tell you quite easily by using various resources (such as Ulrichs, A&I databases) whether the journals are (a) available electronically ( have indexes available © have Tables of Content available onlin etc etc and whether your institution subscribes. If they can't get electronically, they maybe able to get it for you on Inter-library loan. Alternatively, try the British Library Document Supply Centre in Boston Spa - www.bl.uk (no
  2. I think the main reasoning behind the change is to encourage bums on seats. To be honest, I think the music is the last thing that influences bums on seats - more to do with worship style, the incumbent, post service entertainment (coffee, cakes, dealing in hash round the back etc etc). I agree that music will then start to be influenced - but not to the point that there is such a cultural shift from the tradition of that particular church, to something else altogether. I should also qualify what I mean by my church being in a small village. There is no village as such. A collec
  3. I play at a small country church somewhere in deepest Sussex, within a two-parish benefice. In June last year, we welcomed our new incumbent. Since then, our "traditional" services - i.e BCP and nowt else, have been manouvered in favour of much more modern flavours - variations of Common Worship etc. The next casualty is about to happen. Our new P-in-C has said that we should experience more modern choral music - i.e change the hymn book. A generous benefactor has come forward to pay for the new books for both parishes. The weapon of choice - Complete Mission Praise, with
  4. Just so happens that the pipe theft from my church was also a church in Sussex - could be construed as fairly remote, being sat on it's own in the middle of no-where. Same one perhaps?!!
  5. Rather like the following railway themed hymn (to Holy, Holy, Holy) Horley, Horley, Horley Three Bridges Crawley A friend of mine would always look out for ways to change words around: From "Lo ! He comes with clouds descending" - instead of Deeply Wailing, it is changed to Deep Sea Whaling
  6. Hi Pierre - what is the book that you refer to? I ask, as I have always wondered about the history of our Lewis organ. Does it mention specific jobs? thanks, BB
  7. I've spent ten years trying to get my choir not to rush the word "Beginning" in the Gloria of Psalms - with no luck. It comes out as "begng" - rather than Be-Gin-ing - (shading off on the "ing" with a little emphasis on the "Gin") - which is always nice.
  8. Also - still the tradition for Morning Prayer (Matins) - and in my case, it's woe betide the new vicar who tries to change it!
  9. Several years ago, our 1884 T.C Lewis was relieved of a number of spotted (Tin and Zinc mix I believe) pipes from its front. Many of which were non-speaking. They were replaced by plain "lead" pipes. Not sure why, as it was well before my time there, but maybe the insurance wasn't quite up to paying for new ones.
  10. 33 years old, attempting to run a small village church choir and play the organ somewhere on the Sussex/Surrey/Kent border. Can often be found filling in on various organ stools in the area. I also cover for my brother, forever known as MrBouffant on this and other fora. No formal training, but started singing when I was 8ish working my way through all four parts, sometimes more - I still wind up my choir by single treble/alto during practice. (I naturally sing Bass) Played piano, saw organ, made noise.
  11. Thanks for all the responses so far ! And there I was thinking that we were the only ones out there still using the Worcester ! The Worcester still is in print, but strangely only in the U.S and published by (from memory) Continuum. The general feeling in the choir has always been that the pointing was excellent, especially when we have done the odd away-day at another church and used the Parish, etc. The problem has been down to balancing two books (without a standing height music desk in the stalls!). I am very tempted to "destroy" a copy to make up a music version using the
  12. Morning All - This is my first post, so be gentle ! Question one: Does anyone recommend the new Mission Praise as a "decent" tome for more modern worship songs (aagh! - our new vicar has happy clappy leanings). This is because we are looking for something to supplement the more respectable AMNS. Question two: Does anyone recommend a psalter (with chants). We use words only Worcester Psalter (about 50 yrs old) alongside the St Nicks Chant Book, but want to get something more manageable than two books. Obviously, aware of the Parish Psalter - but any other recommendations?
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