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  1. 2010 Wedding fee is £120. If family recordings take place, we don't make an additional charge. We reserve the right to charge double fees should I or whoever is playing decide that there ought to be an additional fee,
  2. Greetings! Having recently been appointed to St Ives Parish Church (Cornwall, not Cambs!), I am planning a lunchtime recital series on Tuesdays from June to Sept. Anyone who may be coming to Cornwall on holiday this year and who might fancy an opportunity to play a recital is welcome to drop me a line and see if we can fit you in to the programme! There won't be a fee, but vital expenses will be covered, of course. The specification can be found on NPOR. Please message me if interested! It is the 600th anniversary of the church and I am planning a large number of musical events in celebration. See www.stivesparishchurch.co.uk St Ives is an Anglo-Catholic church with a super new Parish Priest. Since his arrival in Sept 2009 has has persureded the church PCC to invest money in the music department, including appointing myself and my assistant. After been asked during the notices at the end of mass 2 weeks ago, the congregation recently donated £4,000 to purchase new music and choir robes by 1pm! There are plenty of people who want to see decent music! A pleasing thought! NS
  3. Due to the appalling "politics" in Cirencester Parish, the organ and music gets very little coverage on the main Parish website. However, the website of the present Director of Music, Anthony Hammond, serves as the music website for the church, although "unofficial". Click on this link, then click on the link to the Church Music/Choir pages! http://www.anthonyhammond.com Sounds silly, I know, but that's Cirencester all over! But then that's another story...................................................!! NS
  4. Indeed, the intention from the outset was to rebuild/reconstruct along Willis lines, so to that end, H&H, by all accounts, have done a good job. Prior to my appointment as D of M at Cirencester, the previous music "regime" had proposed exorbitant plans for a huge 5 manual job with new Great in the South aisle, a section over the South door and a west end section. During my time there, we modified the proposals to a manageable level, although making one or two little tweaks, like 32ft reed right down to the bottom, and at the suggestion of my assistant at the time, a divided pedal. I haven't yet been to Cirencester to see the finished job, but have heard differing reports from people who have ranging from "Superb" to "bloody awful" so....................each to his own opinion! NS
  5. Ian Tracey at Liverpool Cathedral invited me to sit in the loft during Evensong on several occasions and was extremely welcoming. I know that I am not the only one to be welcomed in this way. On another occasion, I was allowed to spend an hour or two on the instrument along with another organist colleague whilst Ian took the Friday evening practice after Evensong. After practice, Ian treated us to a short demo then treated us to a pint afterwards! - What a way to spend a Friday night! NS
  6. Introit - Bring Us O Lord God (Harris) Responses - Ayleward Psalms 149 (Chant by Stanford) and 150 - Chant by Talbot Canticles - Kelly in C (Followed closely by Stanford in A) Anthem - O How Glorious (Harwood) Hymns Give Us The Wings of Faith (tune: San Rocco) Angel Voice Ever Singing (plus John Cook Descant) Neil S
  7. Here in deepest Cornwall it is same as a large number of other areas......................No chalice for the great unwashed - the Priest receives the wine on behalf of us all. No shaking hands, hugging or kissing at the Peace or shaking hands with the Clergy on the way out. NS
  8. (£300 of which will go towards the organ appeal) So where does the other £200 go?
  9. Of course, wherever the Hindley Schulze goes, it will need a new console! The former (1970's) console donated by the former Hindley Urban District Council was used as the console for the present toaster installed in recent years. "The worst example of ecclesiastical vandalism ever"!! NS
  10. Tricks of the camera! The church concerned was made to look bigger by camera tricks. Also, when recording choirs and singing groups, the BBC quite often re-take camera shots with miming, once they've got a good sound recording.
  11. I may be mistaken, but wasn't Alhborn linked with the "Bradford Computing Organ" ?
  12. Work is finally underway on the new organ in Cirencester Parish Church - at long last! See http://www.harrison-organs.co.uk/cirencesterspec.html The new organ will be a super machine and well worth the long wait! I was apponted there in 2002 and work shoud have started that year. However, with discussions re floors, red brick tiles, towers, altars etc, as well as the notorious "politics" and internal wranglings for which Cirencester PC is famous, the cogs only moved slowly! NS
  13. I watched Bombard 32 a couple of days ago. Although short and sweet - absolutely magnificent playing and wow! what an organ! NS
  14. Yes - I attended the first two recitals (didn't risk staying for the third as 'er indoors might have tried to divorce me!). The Daniel Bishop recital at the Anglican Cathedral was excellent. A good programme, superb registrations and extremely well played. It was good to hear the new Nave section of the instrument. The only disappointment in my opinion were the two encores. I'm not sure what the first one was, but the second was (presumably?) an improvisation showing off the new nave organ. Daniel Bishop is certainly a player to be reckoned with and I think we'll hear a lot more of him in the future. A swift pint or two in "The Pilgrim" followed, then the recital at the Met by Timothy Noon which was equally outstanding. His encore (The theme from "Riverdance" I think) was exceptional. Again, another extremely fine player and instrument. His interpretation of the Allegro from Widor 6, Vierne's Carillon de Westminster and Arthur Wills' Carillon on "Orientis Partibus" were outstanding highlights. All in all, a day well worth attending. NS
  15. Deeper into Cornwall, the organ at St Buryan Parish Church is, IMHO, one of the nicest instruments in Cornwall. Two manual, fairly heavy tracker. I can't remember who the builder is. The organ in St Mary's Penzance is well worth a visit. The creme de la creme of course is the Father Willis in Truro Cathedral. Fellow list member John Sheppard (in Camborne) is more qualified than I am to advise on which Cornish organs are worth hearing! - Any suggestions, John?!! NS
  16. I would imagine about an hour, but with DB, you never know! He might offer play for the 6.30pm Mass!!
  17. Ah.................well, we could have a gathering of list members afterwards!!! NS
  18. The David Briggs CD from St Sernin was indeed recorded recently. In fact, he is also in the process of releasing a new DVD recorded there - his website states "2 April Release date for 'Bombarde 32', a new 30-minute Chestnut Music DVD, recorded at St Sernin, Toulouse 6-minute Introduction (Information about the Basilica, the Cavaille-Coll organ and our recording sessions) Widor Toccata from Symphony No 5 and DJB Improvisation on 'Ave Maria' including generous footage of St Sernin and a detailed photographic profile of the 1889 Cavaille-Coll organ" Out of interest, people may be interested to know that David is playing a recital in Notre-Dame de Paris on Low Sunday at 4.30pm, programme below 30 March Notre-Dame de Paris at 4.30pm Choral Improvisation sur le Victimae Paschali (Tournemire/Durufle) Christ ist erstanden (J S Bach) Mors et resurrectio (Jean Langlais) Te Deum (Jeanne Demessieux) Improvisation on 'Haec Dies' (DB) See you there!! Best wishes Neil
  19. IMHO this was an excellent opportunity to showcase the organ to the great unwashed. I agree - Gordon Stewart has the personality and the musicianship and did a superb job. One the negative side, the gentleman playing the electronic simply portrayed himself as a has-been afraid of change as far as hymnody is concerned. Malcolm Archer's contribution "Bach Goes To Blackpool" was IMHO a complete waste of time. Malcolm is a superb musician and personally, I felt that his contribution was wasted! (I once heard Carlo Curley play the Dorian Toccata on the Free Trade Hall WurliTzer and something similar would have been far better). Why not actually show the Tower WurliTzer in its true glory, playing something in best "Blackpool Style" which draws in "the punters" for several hours a day, seven days a week from Easter to November! Neil
  20. I don't know, but I have it on extremely good authority that it includes Malcolm Archer playing the Tower Ballroom Wurlitzer - a new composition entitled "Bach Goes To Blackpool" :angry:
  21. The loft at Chartres Cathedral is extremely high up but I'm not sure how it ranks in the league tables. A slightly different experience, but has anyone ever experienced a "ride" on the console lift at the Odeon Leicester Square in London? - not a loft, but it's like going into the black hole of Calcutta, especially if you take it all of the way down or vica versa! Neil
  22. Once in Royal - entrance hymn O Come All Ye Faithful - Offertory or Recessional at Midnight, depending on timing of the service! If your midnight mass actually starts at Midnight, then that slightly alters things!
  23. Not good. Perhaps one lesson to be learned here is to go about things in a business like manner and negotiate the fee before undertaking the work?
  24. Common Praise - or - Laudate. Laudate is my personal choice and is suitable for churches with a Catholic "flavour". Having used Hymns Old and New at Keynsham Parish Church for 5 years, I would not suggest it to anyone. The arrangements are dire and many words have been altered. Neil S
  25. I would imagine that Peter King is having a sabbatical? - He's been at Bath for quite a while and he probably needs a chance to recharge his batteries!
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