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  1. Introit - Bring Us O Lord God (Harris) Responses - Ayleward Psalms 149 (Chant by Stanford) and 150 - Chant by Talbot Canticles - Kelly in C (Followed closely by Stanford in A) Anthem - O How Glorious (Harwood) Hymns Give Us The Wings of Faith (tune: San Rocco) Angel Voice Ever Singing (plus John Cook Descant) Neil S
  2. I personally would rather play a semi decent toaster than a knackered, out of tune Victorian pipe organ. One must weigh up the pros and cons of both, but at the end of the day, rebuilding or repairing these heaps of scrap keeps organ builders in work. I'm not convinced, however, that spending around £100k an all singing and dancing toaster is the solution either, when a perfectly reasonable digital instrument could have been purchased for half of the cost.
  3. The new organ at Lytham is a dual spec classical/theatre model, built by Copeman Hart. The acoustics in the church aren't very good and don't do the organ much good. I spent an hour or two on the instrument a few months ago. The theatre specification is almost a carbon copy of the Tower Ballroom Wurlitzer, complete with quint and tierce couplers! The theatre sound is excellent but although the classical spec looks good on paper, I was disappointed with the sound - nothing like a pipe organ IMHO. Having played several excellent Copeman Hart instruments in the past, I was extremely disappointed
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