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  1. Pipe Up! The Organ Podcast https://anchor.fm/leedsiof/episodes/Daniel-Justin--Pipe-Up--The-Organ-Podcast--Episode-One-ee1rpi/a-a26l3fi By Leeds International Organ Festival Our weekly podcasts are hosted by David Pipe, Leeds International Organ Festival’s Artistic Director, who’ll be joined by guests to chat about the online Monday recital series. Guests will include some of the recitalists themselves, alongside composers, conductors and music journalists.
  2. LIOF LIVE LAUNCHES MONDAY 11TH MAY 2020 We’re delighted that, despite the current situation, the billed Monday recitalists will be generously providing some short video and audio clips for us to broadcast each week on our Leeds International Organ Festival YouTube channel lioflive.org.uk. Audiences can now enjoy these
  3. Hi, Zoom really is for video conferencing rather than live streaming more complex sound like music. The best and most accessible way because listeners don't need an account is YouTube. We are using a minimal kit and a mobile phone to broadcast as there's no wifi in Cathedral. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-xVdN6rMCG0sSgxk8Rulow Hope that helps. Ben
  4. I hope these links to the second Leeds International Organ Festival will be of interest to members https://m.facebook.com/LeedsIOF/ https://leedsiof.org All are very welcome indeed.
  5. Congratulations for George Ford! http://www.dioceseofleedsmusic.org.uk/news/fullstory.php?newsid=208
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