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  1. Thanks Malcolm. I'll do that. Lawrence goes back to SF on Monday - he's at New College now for EH's retirement party - and I'm waiting to hear if Barry F has given another member here permission to release his phone number. I asked Lawrence about copyright and he said Grace will pay from its music budget, so I hope it's possible to speak with Barry before too long. Best wishes J
  2. It seems Wells no longer has copies. J
  3. Thank you, Gentlemen I have complied with both suggestions. Best wishes J
  4. Apologies if this is slightly tangential, but Justason is coming back to the UK in July, having spent three years as organist at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. 'I Have Done My Duty' is an anthem for men's voices, by Barry Ferguson, which he would like to do at his last Evensong. Unfortunately neither he nor the publishers have, as yet, been able to find the music. Can anyone here point me in the right direction, please? J
  5. I don't know if this has been posted before so please accept my apologies if it has. Christopher Herrick Organ Recital Wednesday, 19th March at 19:45 Chapel Royal, Hampton Court Palace (Supper and refreshments available from 17:30 at the Palace's Privy Restaurant) "The internationally acclaimed organist will give a recital in aid of the Choral Foundation organ fund on the historic Schrider-Hill organ, recently overhauled by Harrison & Harrison." Tickets £12 available online from www.hrp.org.uk Call 0844 4827799 Several years ago, when Justason was Justoutofnappies, he was asked to dep for a depping choir at Kingston Parish Church for a service of Evensong. Justamum and I turned up with Justason on the preceding Saturday so he could familiarise himself with the Frobenius, only to find someone sat on the bench doing their stuff. I hesitantly explained that Justason had to prepare for a service the next day, and the gentleman kindly removed himself. Some weeks later I learned that the kind gentleman was, indeed, Christopher Herrick: a gentleman indeed, and a very fine organist. I don't know what the programme is but I hope you'll consider joining Justamum and I on Wednesday. Best wishes J
  6. Very many congratulations, Robert! J
  7. Not so much appointments, perhaps, as vacancies; but Justason returns to the UK in July having spent three years as organist and assistant director of music at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco (3rd largest Episcopal Cathedral in the US, and 5th largest of all, with a good Aeollian Skinner whose console is in my profile pic). As far as I know they have not advertised the vacancy, yet, but if anyone (preferably FRCO, but certainly ARCO with the emphasis on accompanist rather than recitalist) was interested I'm sure you'd have no trouble finding somewhere to send your c.v. Good luck! J.
  8. Umm ... I think it is a browser issue rather than a security issue. I use Chrome and that's working fine. I tried it in Firefox and that's fine too. But when I tried Internet Explorer I got more or less the same problem; I could change the text colour, but I could not change the font and I could not paste in content. I conclude that the new interface wasn't tested with Internet Explorer. So, my strong recommendation is, download Google Chrome https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/browser/ Best wishes J
  9. Has anyone posted this? It's the authorised version. http://www.llandaffcathedral.org.uk/documents/CathedralchoirredundanciesofficialPR.pdf Happy Christmas J
  10. It seems to be common, if not compulsory, that Choir Masters and Directors of Music retain the title of Organist, while their organists have to make do with being Assistant Organists. Why is that? When a brilliant Production Director is promoted to Managing Director they don't cling to their former title and oblige the new Production Director to be called Assistant Production Director. I assume, therefore, that there is some profoundly important reason why Conductors are called Organists and Organists are called Assistant (or, worse, Sub) Organists, of which I am ignorant. I expect enlightenment will be swift (and hope it will not be too painful). Best wishes J
  11. A good guess, all the same. It is the Hymne d'Action de Grâce. J
  12. This *is* Franck ... but what?
  13. Congratulations, Malcolm. GO to the top of the class!
  14. No ... Not Franck. OK ... Let's narrow it down. It's Reger, but what?
  15. The time bar across the top indicates almost nine minutes, so not the last chords of anything.
  16. I'm not sure if this is a bit of fun or the silliest idea ever, but I hope it's the former. This is a picture of a piece of organ music as it appears in some sound-editor software. Can you guess what it is? Best wishes J (ps ... If it is fun, I'll do some more. And if it's too silly for words I'll get my coat.)
  17. I've always regarded Whitlock's Plymouth Suite as having a nautical feel.
  18. For anyone at a loose end on a Sunday I commend the Chapel Royal at Hampton Court Palace. During term time they have two choral services every Sunday. Both are BCP. Evensong is at 15:30 and has Responses, the Psalm, Mag and Nunc, an Anthem, hymns and a voluntary which the congregation stays and listens to. Matins is at 11:00. There are Responses, a Psalm, Venite, appropriate canticles, anthem, hymns and a voluntary (also listened to). On the first Sunday of the Month there is a Choral Eucharist at 11:00 instead of Matins with a Setting, Creed, motet and so on. The choir is of 10 men and 14 boys. Attendance is free. The April programme is available here http://www.chapelroyal.org/docs/CR%20Music%20List%20April%202013.pdf If you are ever in the area ... Best wishes J
  19. Justadad


    I had to check to see when this was posted and expected it to be two days ago. Sadly not. Organists Behaving Badly ... the liturgical equivalent of Dads Disco Dancing. No. No. Please, no. J.
  20. Justadad

    Happy Easter

    Grace Cathedral, San Francisco (with the visiting choir of men and boys from New College, Oxford) on Easter Day. Standing room only, and not much of that.
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