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  1. Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone will be able to help me find the publisher for Henri Victor Tournaillon's Introduction and March in D major. It features on the recent Cavaillé-Coll DVD and it sounds like a good piece to learn! Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks J
  2. I'm interested that Ban van Oosten has made a recording at Salisbury. I wonder though what it would have sounded like if he had recorded it on a Cavaillé-Coll instead. After all British and American organists are always playing French music on their instruments for example.
  3. Gundel-Plutz reminds me of a similar metal polish we used on a restoration of a Gern organ that had a tin facade. We used Peek (£6 a tube) and a small amount went a long way. We also found it less abrasive than Brasso. It worked a treat and no it didn't have any effect whatsoever on the tone of the pipes. After all it's only the oxide that causes the dullness. .
  4. I remember first meeting Chris at St. Mary's, Thornbury, where I was also baptised. Daniels had rebuilt the organ there. I last remember seeing him whilst he was visiting his son at the Birmingham Conservatiore when I was also a student there. I took him to see and play the Ken Tickell practice organs there and he seemed to enjoy them. It's very sad to learn of his passing. J
  5. Hi Colin. I somewhat agree with you. It's a shame our country isn't producing goods anymore (apart from Renishaw plc), but I've come acros a lot of potential customers who have been annoyed by the arrogance of some of the uk builders. After all there have been at least three uk builders who have won contracts overseas in the past year or so. I'm sure uk builders had an opportunity to tender, but organists in the uk aren't stupid and if they decide to go abroad then organ builders in the uk might like to spend their efforts into finding out what thy can do to improve their output, rather than moaning about it and achieving nothing. . There have been some great outcomes in recent installations recently from worldwide organ builders installed in the uk that in fact we as a nation ought to wake up to and support.
  6. This is good news. I wonder who has been appointed to carry out the work and when it will start.
  7. I know of an organbuilder to use tallow when greasing stoppers and screws and Talcum Powder for leatherwork before using an iron.
  8. Having known Ken Tickells work for some time now I think it's great that he has been chosen to build this new organ, at a time when new builds in this country have been few and far between. Contrary to earlier posts on this topic I think the specification looks excellent and I have no doubt it was a collaboration between the customer and organbuilder. With this in mind I feel we ought to encourage this sort of enterprise and support our UK builders rather than coming up with hyperthetcial and sometimes unfounded ideas of what we have no business to influence. :-) JT
  9. There is quite a lot of information on the Cathedral's website.
  10. "I should have thought that several good builders could construct a fair copy from new, for the higher of these two figures" -are we talking UK builders?
  11. I too have been trying to get Motette CD's. I also saw that presto classical had them advertised on their website. However I still have a cd from Presto Classic on order from a month ago so I'm now looking for alternatives. I might cancel and go on the American site http://www.organsociety.org/ as they stock Motette CD's and could prove more reliable.
  12. I have a direct contact with BOB of Derby if it's of any use?
  13. I've always known Celestes to be sharp and Angelicas to be flat, but what's in a name? It really does vary from organ to organ. Some have them flat and some sharp. Some slow some fast. It also depends where the two ranks have been planted on the soundbaoard. If they have been planted next to each other then the beats will be less successful if you hear any beats at all, because they will want to pull each other into tune. It's far better to plant them 2-3 stops apart from each other which will give you a better beat. With regard to flat or sharp, I think it is a combination between organ builder and the organist. I've not known J W Walkers just to tune their strings flat, if anything they tend to tune sharp, particularly with their newer instruments. I tune the strings at St. Chad's Cathedral, Birmingham sharp. I do think that the organist has a right of preference if the pipes will take to be flattened or sharpened. With regard to speed again I think it's up to the organist if he or she wants would like them fast or slow or progressively getter faster the further up the compass one plays. I've always known Cavaillé-Coll strings to be fast and accelerating further up the compass ones goes but in all I think it's down to preference and taste.
  14. Yes and no. I'm an organ tuner and organist. It's not rocket science.
  15. Have a look at http://www.mdg.de/titel/0975.htm.
  16. Nigel I fully agree. I'd like people to name a couple of really successful musical instruments that have been built in the UK in the past 30 years. I can only think of 2 and I look after one of them!
  17. Viernes music contained many misprints both concerning the notes and tempi. There is a good book by Rollin Smith about Vierne that gives some background into Viernes blindness wich was to blame (if you like) these misprints. It might also be rather worth it if one was to cross-check with the new David Sanger edition, where he talks this topic.
  18. Would anyone know what type of organs are to be found in Norway? Are they mostly likely to be found in cites or can one find them in smaller villages and towns like in the UK? Also do they tend to be more of a neo-baroque nature or a mixture?
  19. I too must add my disgust that the BBC cut short the organ voluntary, which the organist must have spent hours rehearsing. How muppetorial can the BBC get. Complete muppetry!!
  20. Are they the latest version? I get confused with how many edition of A&M there are. Only on Saturday I found the edition (underneath the Bourdon chest of my 1898 J W Walker organ) I wanted which contained the Hymn tune 'Freshwater', which no other hymn book has, maybe. So having scrapped A&M what does Tromba propose to get instead?-Hymns old and New? Actually Common Praise is a good one - there are some nice tunes in that like Coe Fen etc. All best JT
  21. Many thanks for the info John and I hope all will be a success including the Walker which is of interest, as I play a Walker from 1898 here in Birmingham that still retains its original charge pneumatic action and pepper-pot reeds. All best J
  22. Any idea what is going on at Manders anyone? The portfolio and news is seriously out of date and lacking in care. Is this an image to portray for once a very good firm? Maybe this is why costumers are going abroad for work?? Please Manders sort it out - we do care.
  23. Do you mean that there has been no mention on this forum about or nothing at all? It's on the Cathedral Website which is where I first heard about it apart from Facebook. It's sure to be a great gig. JT
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