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  1. I have no idea anymore what's being talked about here (maybe I shall now read it all again!), suffice to add: Generally I am in agreement with that. You are offering a service which the couple are paying for. Sometimes I've had to play things I don't like or don't necessarily think are appropriate, but I think it would have to be exceptional circumstances for me to refuse outright to play a certain piece. I would rather try to work with the couple to provide what they want (for example, recommending that a piece might sound better on the piano, or possibly better if they had a recorded v
  2. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I only play in Methodist churches where of course the idea of paying organists is pretty alien anyway
  3. I usually get £50 for weddings and £40 for funerals, but the minister rarely asks what I charge so sometimes I find the couple/family have been told the wrong amount and there isn't a lot you can do about that. Despite my asking on severals occasions, the minister always forgets to ask whether they are having a video done, so I often don't have any chance to charge more for that. David
  4. I have written literally tons of music, and have about 25 pieces in print in the UK, US and Canada (not bad going only being 24!). Mostly choral or organ; some instrumental. They're not at all popular in the UK (too 'nice', not enough dissonance!). They even get performed occasionally, but again, mostly in the US. I'm dying for people to start recording them though...... David
  5. Interestingly, I was contacted a while back by a well known local choral society in a nearby town (who shall remain nameless) who wanted me to distribute recruitment leaflets to my pupils. I said I would do this and did so; but, I then got a phone call a few months later to ask me why no one had joined. I politely pointed out that I could pass on information, but couldn't necessarily be seen to favour one choir over another. I get a lot of requests of that nature. Whether they join is up to them; I'm certainly not going to make them! David
  6. dcmbarton


    This is the current favourite of our choir. I got individual copies from Cathedral Music, although its published by the Church Music Society. I must say that when I contacted Cathedral Music, they seemed to be quite surprised I was ordering from them, and wasn't aware it was in the NOEAB - it was all very odd. David
  7. Very difficult, but if I had to pick one, I think that Dyson's Fantasia and Ground Bass have a particular 'Britishness' about them. David
  8. I think I've joined this thread about 2 years late, but it has been very interesting. I've never joined the RCO as I've always felt that the subscription was far too high in respect of what one got out of it. I made some enquiries to them a couple of years ago as part of some research I was doing, regarding whether they had some particular organ pieces in their library. I had to make the enquiry 4 times before I got a response, and when I did, I was told that the library really only held 'proper organ music', and that the Victorian pieces to which I was referring were not considered to come un
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