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  1. May Guillou live forever, otherwise this organ may be quite useless for most other material.


    Also, hopefully there not that many dogs around there with all those high pitched mutations ...

  2. Also depends on the style of the pedals; those carillonlike big and clumsy pedalkeys we often have 'here', especially those with high rounded sharpkeyes were you can nicely break your toes under, can be uncomfortable with narrow shoes. On the other hand, 'my' pedalboards require some quite slim shoes and (on the Loret pedalkeyboard) small feet because the keys are so short.

  3. Hmmm, actually I'm starting to appreciate this new NDdP console, with the curves, terraces and sort of 'visual forward direction'. I think the right hand jamb has stobknops for the couplers, hence the tablets black to make them unobtrusive? The light colored wood looks a bit cheap maybe (probably isn't), but that may well be due to the photo.

  4. Hmm, 'stopped listing' was a typo, I meant 'stopped listening'. The amount of errors/mistakes is just too much for my taste, fail to see them as an historical informed way to present this musical data, though after a 2nd try I really enjoyed the 'jazzy' (inégale?) way which he rendered parts of the D-dur fugue.


    Or to be even more clear, it was crap playing.

  5. For me some simple 'rules' make life easy: practise hands/feet separately, practise from fast to slow (not the otherway around hitting the brickwall), memorize (structures, proceedings, notes, whatever), LISTEN.


    Somewhere I read 'good technique is in the ears', I tend to agree.

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