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  1. Which means what exactly? like giving that streetmusician a tenner to get some music lessons ...
  2. For me, as in any weird behavior, somehow I feel sorry there's obvious no one around him caring (and honest) enough to make him realize it's just absurd/weird/crazy.
  3. http://www.gearslutz.com/board/8035480-post1.html
  4. It seems like the building is sold to the Catholics, with plans to make it suitable for RC mass but no largescale changes.
  5. I've heard them in the Cologne Dom, they're ok, but found the (acoustic) 64' WAY more impressive ;-)
  6. Not so sure, they didn't struck me as impressive as eg. the Royals in St.Pauls, nice yes, but in a 'Oh stand up, it's the Queen' way ...
  7. Very much reminds of an exam I had to play in conservatory where my teacher was to turn pages; and so he did, in a long Buxtehude work turning a couple of pages too much not noticing it at first and then searching for the correct one. His remark, just 'huh, that was a bit huch -grin-' ; fortunately I had the piece enough in memory not to make mistakes, but it does get on the nerves ....
  8. but still ... for me David M. Patrick at Blackburn is the clear winner ;-)
  9. Henry Fairs playing Liszt's 'Ad Nos' fugue at St.Pauls, mayby a bit washy (that's for that 'special' stop called st.pauls), but d*mn what an organ it is! Powerful playing too ...
  10. Would this button help? Press
  11. We were ;-) I thought the 32's were active from the new console, so why not re-instating those diaphones? they're there, historic, use them if you like. Also, is the transpept 'solo' division scrapped as well?
  12. The Worcester organ also sounds quite different these days
  13. Thanks! nice to see on that link that all organists play works of their own ;-)
  14. A 'what-organ on what-disc' would do, can't find this set on the EMI site(s) ...
  15. heva


    Wow, congratulations!
  16. heva

    Guilty Pleasures

    Indeed, a fun book; 'that' Mulet piece is in it as well, another for one this list ;-)
  17. heva

    Guilty Pleasures

    Mailly - Marche Solenelle
  18. Could anyone compare with the VanDenHeuvel organ for Danish Radio? there the organ was ready well before the concerthall was finished (or begun with).
  19. from www.jbrobin.com: Organs of: -> Saint-Etienne-du-Mont church in Paris (Cavaillé-Coll and Beuchet Debierre) -> Saint-Louis-en-l'Ile church in Paris (Bernard Aubertin) -> Sainte-Radegonde church in Poitiers. Bonus recordings: Organ of the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal (OH, USA) and Synagogue Notre-Dame-de-Nazareth in Paris.
  20. Judging by the word 'Standaart' I would say it is by the dutch organ organbuilder A. Standaart, who build organs for theatres/cinemas/churches in the first half of the 20th century. Could well be that it originates from a pipework supplier.
  21. Indeed, the organ isn't really that soft (as I remember hearing it there) ...
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