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  1. remove the ) at the end of link ....
  2. I really wonder wether these selfmade pipes are better then a specilialised firm could provide. We're being told so, but is it really more than commercial talk? W/Sh/Couldn't a specialised firm have better tools/machines, better 'production' processes, better skills due to the single type of work they do? "Jack of all trades" keeps running in my head ...
  3. The booklet in the 3-disc set 'Organiste de Notre-Dame' is also quite informative, especially the bit by Loic Mallie: If I remember correctly, he went into PC's office having to quit his studies for lack of finances upon which PC draw his chequebook. Enough said ...
  4. Not to offend our host, but the Willis company will build the 'Cathedral organ' for the protestant church in Leiden. I think this will be the first instrument (based on exisiting Willis material) to be build by an English builder in Holland. About time too, after already having seen an interesting collection of 'redundant' instrument making the migration this way.
  5. How about Vierne's "Carillon" from the 24 pieces en style libre, or Bach's D-major (bwv523)?
  6. Good question, what organbuilder would that be? Dutch builders of 'baroque' organs don't use standard kit parts. So they say ........
  7. And the Generaltotalgesamthauptspieltisch down in the nave I guess?
  8. I would certainly rebuild this and its housing. 3 man. Anneessens organ (incl.3 32's) in the former Cathedral of Breda, church abandonned and few years later destroyed, hobo 8' survived in the big Flentrop organ here, rest was scrapped.
  9. An interesting program this is. Funny, the orchestral Hope-Jones gets scrapped for a 'proper' organrepertoire instrument, and now we play this. ...
  10. Wondering if this will be just as "auf Englisch" as the Rover75 ... Why not an English organbui..... shut up .....
  11. heva

    Visiting Paris

    googled: http://ndlweb.free.fr/contact.html http://maps.google.nl/maps?oe=utf-8&rl...ved=0CAsQnwIwAA
  12. Never knew it's still a Roman Catholic one; thanks
  13. "St Jan Cathedral Gouda" - which one exactly? ;-)
  14. I wonder if this is really 'an American organ' or yet another variation on a Baroque example to be build by an American firm.
  15. Doesn't Duruflé's Sicilienne need an F#? But ofcourse we all do prefer a pedalboard that's either constructed and/or placed 'ambachtelijk' (artisan/artisanal). The old masters didn't do ergonomics, why would we ....
  16. Really? looks more like 'auf Englisch' being the new vogue
  17. heva


    Isn't that a speedy return from the US?
  18. Just to throw a stone in the water - why do they want a console 'up there' in such a scheme? For 'local' use in mass they'll probably use the hauptgenerallgesamttotalspieltisch, and for recitals one is supposed to do soundchecks 'down there'. A console on the floor may also be more interesting for the public (and the player - soundbalance see St.Pauls' ?) But anyway, nice to see a big organ being built - we'll do with tiny 2 manuals here ...
  19. Don't forget diaphones - speaking 'prompt', though (as some say) not blending ....
  20. heva

    Dance Music

    Gaston Litaize - Prélude et danse fugée But you may need some Cochereau chamades for it (listen to Latry's recording).
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