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  1. Having said all this, I do not completely avoid heels in Bach. I have heard 'all toes' performances of Bach and Buxtehude where the music is crying out for a legato bass line (particularly in the chorale preludes) and we are presented with a clumpy series of notes with the toes pecking away at the pedal board. I don't care what the scholars say ; the musician in me just doesn't want to listen.


    Couldn't agree more.

  2. In the Mattäus-passion days, like myself, many of us may be playing on a 'chestorgan' (is that the correct translation for the 'truhenorgel'?).


    Just wondering: in a baroque orchestra, where does this organ fit in? Is it an acurate copy of a baroque instrument or is it (as I suspect) in fact a 20th century (neo-baroque) invention? I know of only two examples (seen on photo) of 'real' baroque organs-like-a-box, but these were actually normal organs in a different housing (quite large in fact).

  3. The Ep action dates back to 1955, by Tamburini. Nothing about

    tonal changes at this date. It would be interesting to know

    if such changes did happen or not.




    We currently have an action going on in A'dam to raise funds to ship an organ to a south-american conservatoire - there's no pipe-organ available for the students.

    It may well be because of lack of funds for organs, which again may in some way be good news for the preservation of historical instruments.


    So possibly this Mutin might be in quite a original state?


    About the possible changes - may be "sagrerasmh83" who has plummered the youtubes could do some research (he is an organ student - get on with it!)

  4. 'Our' Hill organ has a 4' Gemshorn on the swell which in holland could have been named an 'octaaf 4'' (on a secondary manual).

    It's quite 'stringy' in the bass and becomes more 'diapason' in the treble.


    A truly remarkable stop; combined with the 8' oboe, close the box and play big chords - micro-full-swell, or nice to play as an echo stop against the big principal 4, or in the low octave in big chords as a string against the lieblichgedeckt (underpinned by the bourdon16') .....

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