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  1. Members might be interested in the selection of Rameau pieces, arranged for organ, that feature as this week's free album download from Sky Arts.
  2. The Avant Garde Project has recently released a "BitTorrent" of the Chaynes Organ Concerto (AGP 136).
  3. It's interesting that the recording I mentioned (and I haven't heard it, to be fair) which is all English organ music, is played on a modern German organ. I might be wrong, but I think this is it... http://www.jehmlich-orgelbau.de/englisch/o.../organ_1128.htm
  4. If it's of any interest, a recording of the Organ Mass seems to be available TIMOTHY BOND Plays 20th Century English Music by Britten, Tippett Howells and Lambert - Timothy Bond, the organ of Schneeberg Church, Germany Regent, REGCD205
  5. The Walsall town hall organ is indeed originally by N&L. A recording of the organ played by the then borough organist, Harold Britton, is available - "Organ Extravaganza" on the ASV label. It's a nice sounding organ, but I can't help thinking that the addition of a Tibia section (in the 1980's) is rather incongruous.
  6. I think it was Gillian Weir who said something along the lines of students shouldn't attempt the organ until they have at least one major piano concerto under their belt.
  7. Jean Guillou recorded both the Reubke sonatas.
  8. There seems to be other interesting material on the site (http://www.archive.org) - search for Organ A few examples: Notes on the Temple Organ (1911) (Edmund Macrory) The Organ in France (Wallace Goodrich) Bach's Organ Registration (W.L. Sumner) Hope it's of some use. Pat
  9. While looking for something else, I came across this, which might be pertinent to the current discussion (or not) Clutton and Dixon's book "The Organ, it's Tonal Structure and Registration" is available on line To download (14MB PDF) http://ia331319.us.archive.org/2/items/org...tr017814mbp.pdf or To read on-line http://www.openlibrary.org/details/organitstonalstr017814mbp Pat
  10. Has anyone heard (or heard of) Hans Ludwig Schilling's "Integration B-A-C-H" (1961)? I've got a recording of this on an old LP performed by Konrad Schuba - the score is available from Breitkopf, but I've never seen any other recordings of it. It's an interesting piece, IMHO.
  11. You may be right. I offered the link merely, and IMHO helpfully, as a pointer to those who might be interested, given that this is quite a difficult recording to find.
  12. I haven't heard it, so I can't comment on the quality, though I'm not sure why CD-R media should be any different to CD? Pat
  13. For anyone interested, a reissue of Simon Preston's recording of the 94th Psalm and Ad Nos, seems to be available (at a more sensible price) at Archiv Music. Pat
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