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  1. Noooo- it is a wonderful moment, that extra bar! Two bars of what we expect, then an extra bar- with the full Grand Orgue Anches suddenly added. Thrilling. Trouble is, lots of players ignore the directions; playing just the three bars on full organ viz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ef35EoXhMMk as opposed to the effect of a Cavaille-Coll G/O anches added in that extra bar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLao2WHd1hU
  2. Is Thalben-Ball's recording on the Chichester Allen available anywhere? Would be a fascinating document- such a pity there are so few recordings of GTB!
  3. That salary really is rather wicked for the church to offer. The Diocese should be ashamed.
  4. Hi Dave, erm, I would have just said yes! Are you Brizzle-based? Ross
  5. Some news from the Antipodes as we bask in the heat of a Sydney summer. Simon NiemiƄski, has this week taken up the post of ADOM at St Mary's Roman Catholic Cathedral, Sydney. Simon has been previously organist of St Mary's Metropolitan Cathedral, Edinburgh and Director of Music at The Robin Chapel. He was also previously assistant at London's St Bartholomew the Great. Happy New Year from a very sultry Sydney! Cheers, Ross Cobb (DOM, St Andrew's Anglican Cathedral, Sydney)
  6. Thanks. The KCC December schedule must be quite eye-wartering!
  7. Any news on who's going to replace the excellent Huw Williams at HM Chapel Royal at St James Palace?
  8. Agree with the thoughts re. KCC Easter service- superb! But am wondering; was this service filmed last year? Some of the current choir are not in it.
  9. I always understood St Barry Rose was one of the first to regularly conduct as the new choir stalls in Guildford were so far apart as to make it necessary to keep the ensemble together. I think I read this in 'The Beat is irrelevant'- the account of his years at the new Cathedral- a real eye-opener.
  10. ......So, referring back to my original question, are there really only eight, 5-manual (pipe) organs in the UK?
  11. I remember that Christopher Dearnley did have a mocked-up St Paul's console in his home- maybe in Dovercourt rather than Amen court, after the Mander 1977 rebuild.
  12. Please tell us- what is 'a toaster'?
  13. 'Wabbey', AKA Westminster Abbey.
  14. Just on idle facebook chatter with some friends got me wondering- how many 5-manual organs are there in the UK? Now that Birmingham TH now has been reduced to 4, so does that mean there are only 8: Doncaster, Christ's Hospital, Wabbey, St Paul's, Wakefield, Liverpool, Odeon Leicester Sq, Manchester TH?
  15. Thanks- confused no longer. What a sorry state of affairs for the Church to bring upon herself.
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