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  1. There's a reason for everything, Hector! The SofP on 'The Organ' was commissioned as an 'archive' programme (i.e. a very low-budget show where the music items have already been used for previous programmes, but are now being re-used with a completely new editorial). The St Seps Harrison broke down completely - without warning - literally the day before 'Jerusalem' was recorded (for an Songs of Praise on St Sepulchre's Church which transmitted in February last year), and a digital organ had to be brought in overnight or the whole enterprise would have had to be postponed at the cost of many
  2. Extremely unlikely that The Great Dame's excellent show would be repeated. 'Excuses' might include: "Would look dated as it was made before the days of 16:9 'widescreen." "All those musicians' repeat-fees would be prohibitively expensive." "Not 'accessible'** enough for a general audience." **buzz-word of the moment in broadcasting generally - actually means, "Even though we make sure we don't actually mix with any of them, we know our audience have neither intelligence nor taste, and as we're not allowed to broadcast the 24-hour public executions and pornography they really want,
  3. Funny creatures, pedants - not altogether sure I don't quite like them most of the time, as we all make slips-of-the-brain and typo's so should all help one another to get it right - but it's when it seems motivated by the assumption that it's because you're either ignorant, arrogant or haven't checked with an expert that I find it a bit disappointing. Some of it's just people being a bit too literal (i.e. not 'getting' the Gedeckt/Gedacht play-on-words, which was about the only 'in-joke' in the whole piece); some is correct - like the Trumpet tune/voluntary mix-up - seemingly caused
  4. Did you know that Songs of Praise is the only religious music programme, and the only weekly music series on BBC TV? The 'pro-organ-only-accompaniment-minority-of-one' on its staff wasn't dissuaded by nearly 9 years of complete lack of interest in an organ programme, nor by the enforcement of unusually tough budgetary, staffing, and scheduling 'compromises' - so I don't think that the pedants' (entirely predictable) nitpicking will result in any retaliatory comb and paper vendettas. I'll make sure your generous remarks and thanks get passed on to the appropriate people!
  5. I can enlighten you as to the fact that at least 3 professional organists (who shall remain nameless) were given sight of this programme's script for checking technical facts. You'll find with most TV programmes that 'experts' are consulted as you suggest, but of course no mere mortal can claim to be omniscient and with the added dangers of electronic cutting-and-pasting and subbing-down, the odd 'rogue' addition or subtraction often works its way in and is missed by everyone at every stage. Sometimes the presenter's availability means that a 'take' where he/she didn't quite stress the ri
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