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  1. The government has lifted restrictions and singing is now allowed. It will be up to the churches to decide whether or not they will allow it. My church is continuing as we are now until September.
  2. "possible changes, depending........." I suspect many congregation members will feel obliged to wear masks to protect others, which makes singing harder.
  3. The competition did take place: RCO News: Orgelbüchlein competition winners announced There's a Facebook page where you can hear lots of the compositions: The Orgelbüchlein Project | Facebook
  4. Not out of copyright yet, of course.
  5. Sorry - I'd completely forgotten it had been discussed before. (See below). https://mander-organs-forum.invisionzone.com/topic/2599-st-peters-brighton/?do=findComment&comment=78194 Good to have Willis/Harrison rivalry between King's and John's. Are there any Father Willis organs in Cambridge currently?
  6. The St John's College newsletter informs me that they are hoping to replace the current Mander organ with a Father Willis organ in 2024-5. Does anyone know anything about this and where it might be coming from?
  7. Though you can't shut a cellist in a room and open and shut the door with your foot!
  8. Here's a Youtube version: Closing Ode - 'Now The Evening Shadows Closing' - YouTube
  9. See Andrew Butler's post in this thread on 4th March. He gives the specification of the 4 rank extension organ as it was in the church where it came from. NPORView N03855 This link might get you to the Facebook page: British Pipe Organs : Anyone want to buy a house in Bristol with a working pipe organ built into the structure | Facebook
  10. Now sold - but sadly the organ is probably going to be removed. 'Eccentric' Bristol house with built-in pipe organ is sold - BBC News
  11. I do sometimes: it's in the OUP Lent and Easter book - stated to be by CPE. In the Barenreiter volume "Organ Chorales from Miscellaneous Sources" there are two versions: for manuals and pedals, but also one for manuals only. Peter Williams says it's largely identical to an Allemande in a Suite in E minor by CPE Bach.
  12. Actually he suggests a third hand (presumably a 2nd person!). Or a small weight. He suggests it can be sustained or intermittent, and that the tremulant can be used from time to time (if my French isn't misleading me).
  13. There are four coming up from Peterborough Cathedral: One for each of Ash Wednesday, Lent, Passiontide and Easter.
  14. I see that there is a problem with bats in St Bavo, Haarlem. Since the organ is owned by the town rather than the church they will pay for measures to move them to another part of the church and for repairs to the organ. https://www.srf.ch/kultur/musik/weltberuehmte-orgel-diese-wunder-orgel-ist-von-fledermaeusen-bedroht
  15. Looks like another organ is going to be out of action for a while: Serious fire damage to Brussels concert hall and organ – Slipped Disc (slippedisc.com)
  16. Though, as has been pointed out, they're using a recording this year. Not quite the same frisson as "Once in Royal" starts - if you know it's a recording, that is!
  17. This might be good for someone wanting to have Hauptwerk: 3 Manual MIDI USB keyboard organ Hauptwerk Garageband Logic Pro etc with bench | eBay
  18. I'd say that the printed copy is obviously correct.
  19. I think there's only 5 bidders (not including my first and final bid of £32) bidding against each other. The earlier discussion is here:
  20. I put in a bid, but it's now gone up to £104! Wish I hadn't bothered practising now.
  21. The Republic of Ireland does have postcodes. ("Eircode")
  22. Yes, but it doesn't happen in Italian. It's panino there.
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