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  1. 1 hour ago, Rowland Wateridge said:

    we have as yet no idea how the new ‘combination organ’ sounds.  The Chancellor approved the scheme in the expectation of “a new first class organ” being installed.  Also, in fairness, the reordering of St Michael’s was to permit other community use, something which will become more and more common for some churches to remain viable.

    Not sure about the 'combination organ'. From the church website:

    "The nineteenth century organ was in a poor playing state with an inherently heavy playing action and occupied most of the north transept; it has been replaced with a modern digital instrument which is moveable. The transept is now a new, fully equipped commercial kitchen, whilst the earlier kitchen is a utility room. The Cullerne Room, that had previously been adapted from a chapel, was further changed to create a vestry and storage areas together with a meeting room on a new first floor."


  2. 38 minutes ago, Rowland Wateridge said:

    Final word today - I don’t want to bore everyone.  There is protection in the C of E under the faculty jurisdiction.  I have known of instances where it has been blatantly ignored, but recent reports on the Law & Religion UK website quote several cases of Diocesan Chancellors coming down like a ton of bricks with stiff penalties for transgressors.  A C of E incumbent selling organ pipes without a faculty would be in very serious trouble.

    Of course, if the top-heavy CofE has its way they will get rid of many of the "key limiting factors" like incumbents anyway:  the new C of E-endorsed scheme aims to create 10,000 new lay-led churches in the next ten years. "Lay-led churches release the Church from key limiting factors........ When you don’t need a building and a stipend and long, costly college-based training for every leader of church… then actually we can release new people to lead and new churches to form."

    No buildings so no organs, unless the wealthy untrained people who will lead these 10,000 new churches fancy having an organ in their homes. 

    See: Is this the last chance to save the Church of England? | The Spectator

    Or you could try to stop it: Save The Parish

  3. 1 hour ago, Andrew Butler said:

      AND as for following "guidance" from a load of idiots who couldn't guide water out of a sieve.....!

    The government has lifted restrictions and singing is now allowed. It will be up to the churches to decide whether or not they will allow it.

    My church is continuing as we are now until September.

  4. 3 hours ago, Keitha said:

    Like you Martin, I have been following the project.  There was to have been a competition to select the last two chorale preludes for Volume 5 in, I think, June 2017, after which Volume 5 was due to go into production. There has been no published information about this since then

    The competition did take place: RCO News: Orgelbüchlein competition winners announced

    There's a Facebook page where you can hear lots of the compositions: The Orgelbüchlein Project | Facebook

  5. 3 hours ago, Martin Cooke said:

    Something caused me to look back at this topic, and I thought I would mention that, 16 years on wince the original post, Rowley's Four Winds is available on imslp.

    Not out of copyright yet, of course.


  6. The St John's College newsletter informs me that they are hoping to replace the current Mander organ with a Father Willis organ in 2024-5. Does anyone know anything about this and where it might be coming from?

  7. I do sometimes: it's in the OUP Lent and Easter book - stated to be by CPE. In the Barenreiter volume "Organ Chorales from Miscellaneous Sources" there are two versions: for manuals and pedals, but also one for manuals only. Peter Williams says it's largely identical to an Allemande in a Suite in E minor by CPE Bach.

  8. Actually he suggests a third hand (presumably a 2nd person!). Or a small weight. He suggests it can be sustained or intermittent, and that the tremulant can be used from time to time (if my French isn't misleading me).


  9. 2 hours ago, DaveHarries said:

    For those of us (like myself) who have shortwave radios the BBC World Service is airing the Kings service. Not sure if I should post the frequency information here unless anyone is interested though but it will be live.


    Though, as has been pointed out, they're using a recording this year. Not quite the same frisson as "Once in Royal" starts - if you know it's a recording, that is!

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