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  1. The Duet Suite for orga and piano is effective and good fun.
  2. Yes, lovely playing and a very relaxed speed. What's the thinking behind the little pauses that many organists impose on the music of Bach (e.g. here, after the first quaver of bar 4? I can't imagine a group of instrumentalists doing it.) I find the recordings of Rubsam make me feel a bit queasy. Bring back Walcha! (By the way, has anyone got that really cheap boxed set of Walcha's recordings - http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B000E6U...;pf_rd_i=468294. Is the sound too bad or is it worth buying?)
  3. Sorry, I was attempting a witticism - dangerous on the internet! You had said they were by Peter le Hurray (he was Huray, with only one "r", and clearly NOT in a hurry).
  4. How about this. (Mind you I'm sure it must have been on before - if so, apologies.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEIjP_k-u_g
  5. Thanks, En Chamade, I've ordered the CD. Thanks also, Handsoff or P (sorry, I don't actually know who anyone is - one or two exceptions) I will also look at the Solstice site. Bach at Notre-Dame?? What does it sound like? I have seen a youtube video of Vierne and I used to have an old LP of Cochereau playing the Toccata in C and, presumably, other things, but seem to remember that is was fairly grotesque. I remember now, there was Valet will ich.... in D - very slow. Stephen
  6. I have to have these CDs. What are they called and where can I find them? (I'm sure it's been on this board a few times already - if so apologies.)
  7. A Michael Jackson tribute! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-mxVexV8v0
  8. Well PART of an anthem by Wesley, anyway.
  9. Yes, Bourgeois's Jubilate. Can't say I liked the piece myself and it was far too high and screechy for the boys to sing (especially at Peterborough pitch!). I liked some of the other music. I watch the series on a regular basis (though not frequently) and love it, though I want to hiss every time Slope appears. Stephen Barber Stephen Barber
  10. So does Peterborough Cathedral. Very confusing. Much worse, my 3 manual Harrison (St John's Peterborough) has the swell pedal on the left and the choir on the right. I still keep using the wrong one. Stephen Barber
  11. I was the short one at the back, with a beard (long gone) standing between (I seem to remember) 2 tall singers - a bass and a tenor. I was singing tenor at the time (as an acting lay-clerk) but just for two terms. After that I sang alto as a supernumerary. (I had only just moved to Peterborough in 1982.) It's a wonderful adaptation. Stephen Barber
  12. The music was indeed composed by Derek Bourgeois. The choral music was sung by Peterborough Cathedral Choir, conducted by Christopher Gower. The organ of Peter Cathedral certainly featured, as accompanying instrument, played by Simon Lawford. I was singing in the cathedral choir then and remember the filming fondly – including hearing “Slope's” sermon quite a few times, owing to passing planes etc. The music had some extremely high passages for the boys – often in thirds, I seem to remember, and the high pitch of the organ didn't make things any easier. In one scene Donald Pleasance is s
  13. I like my Great Organ one! (http://www.npor.org.uk/cgi-bin/Rsearch.cgi?Fn=Rsearch&rec_index=N03444) However I wouldn't be happy to have it as the only 8' flute - there is a stopped diapason as well. I use the Hohl Flute as a solo stop and sometimes to produce a warm 8' foundation tone. It also goes very well with the 4' flute. It doesn't mix so well with the (small) open diapason. By the way, can anyone suggest what I could use the Large Open for? How would it have been used in 1917 when the organ was built? It's so loud and unpleasant! I restrict it to occasional use, since it's
  14. And me, please, as I don't subscribe to the Church Times. Thanks, Stephen Barber
  15. Have you tried Allen? I've just bought an Allen CF-2a (http://pearsaa1.memset.net/~allenorg/index.php?page=church-organs) which I'm very pleased with. Although the pedalboard is less deep than normal, I found it much more comfortable than the Wyvern Sonata. The quality seems very high. I had divisional pistons and a headphone socket fitted and the Great & Pedal made unenclosed. Anyone who lives near Peterborough (I know: why would anyone?) is welcome to come and try it. It's very basic: one specification (although there's a choice of 2). I have software which allows me to do some voici
  16. What does a Cavaille-Coll Tuba Mirabilis sound like? S
  17. No, sorry, Roffensis. No "Organ Spectacular" could ever have been recorded in Croyland Abbey. You couldn't play a tuba tune in Thorney Abbey (a very fine Bevington/Hill, fairly recently restored). You could play a Keraulophon Tune, or a [swell] Cornopean Tune or a Cremona Tune. Which do you think? I'm afraid your colleague is having a laugh. Stephen Barber
  18. Dear Roffensis, Have you any evidence for this? The organ is 12 stops - all 8' & 4' (although a mixture recently replaced the dolce). I still don't believe your earlier posting about a recording of Reubke on it. Did you ever manage to get any more information on that one? (I did PM you.) Stephen Barber
  19. sbarber49


    2 easier pieces: Guilmant's "Paraphrase on Judas Maccabeus" (Thine be the Glory") goes down very well with congregations, in my experience. The Peeters prelude on "Christ ist Erstanden" in the "Lent and Easter" book of chorale preludes is effective. Stephen Barber
  20. sbarber49

    Henri Mulet

    Yes they have a website. It's an odd URL: I'm certainly tempted by the Homage a Franck piece, but I'm not sure I have the stamina for the "Dupré". Did he write any other organ music worth playing - that is not too difficult (ie. somewhere between Kevin Mayhew and Hakim.) Come to that is there anything else worth trying in the World-wide Catalog(ue)? Stephen Barber
  21. sbarber49

    Henri Mulet

    Dear Paul, Thank you so much - I look forward to playing the pieces, which I am currently printing. I fear I have no music that you could possibly be interested in but if inspiration comes to me I will send you something. I'll have a look for Franck's Chorale No 4 in F sharp minor. Sorry to use the public board but I get logged out whenever I try to send a PM. Stephen Barber
  22. sbarber49

    Henri Mulet

    Thanks for those who told me how to send a message, but it isn't working. I just get "logged out" and told that I don't have permission to send messages. Any advice. Stephen Barber
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