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  1. Concerning the Fantasia - I don't believe you really do admire it MM - you surely like this one best and I'm sure you handle bars 31 to 35 in just the same way, or perhaps a few more ornaments?? :rolleyes:
  2. and so is there a Rauchwerk at NDdP??
  3. A quick flick on the keyboard suggests you are looking for the Dupre Piano and organ scores Ballade op 30 Gray 1933 Sinfonia op42 Gray 1947 I think there may be an on line one for the Ballade at the British Library Ballade for piano and organ opus 30 enter UK as your location!! You could try on line searches of various music school/university libraries (where open access is available) to see if there are scores in downloadable format.
  4. At the final David Baskeyfield's superhuman technique swept any potential difficulties to one side - he was totally in control of anything - take a look at this video from his site to get a picture. SUPERMAN PLAYS!!!!! :P One is lost in awe....
  5. Well there is no harm in enjoying ones own ignorance.
  6. It's a little while since we have talked about Bach and numerology in these postings. I have just come across this intriguing thesis on how the Unfinished Contrapunctus can be solved using clues in the numerology.... I don't want to say more in case I spoil your excitement in reading how to do it..!!! Take a break from practicing and put your feet up for a gripping read... (PS takes a little while to download)
  7. Eccola! I like the 32 on the Grand'Orgue ! (There was a 32 on the Great at Ely until it was vandalised in a rebuild.) PS search using Google.it
  8. I assume that all the contributors to this thread have actually played all the cathedral organs in the UK?
  9. I'm not sure what catagories you would put "Christian seek not yet repose" (Vigilate) and "Christian dost thou see them" (Gute Bäume bringen ) into? At my church school in London, the Headmaster lead the daily hymn singing with the fanatical fervour necessary to ensure that everyone was cleansed from wickedness. We seemed to sing these hymns throughout the year, without regard to the church calendar. The consequence of this was that I spent most of the day wondering about the words- (from the first hymn) "thou art in the midst of foes", "thy unguarded hours", "the evil one"; and from the second hymn ".. troops of Midian, prowl and prowl around.. Christian up and smite them..", ....how they work within, striving, tempting, luring, goading into sin...". I spent most of the days wondering how wicked I was and if there were devils in the corners, under the stairs.... The only hymn that seemed to distract me from these issues, which also came up often, was "Hushed was the evening hymn" where the line "O give me Samuel's ear" always made me wonder just how exactly you would do this.. Fortunately we did not sing it to Sullivan's "Samuel", but to respectable tune whose name I have now forgotten. Anyway with all this day dreaming going on, while I watched a weather vane through the classrooom window, it was just as well that it wasn't until thirty years later that I came across Clough's "Say not the struggle naught availeth" (Weisse). Once I'm reminded of it I'm afraid all the words from the hymn whirl around in my head - "struggle naught availeth", "enemy faints not", "hopes were dupes, fear may be liars", "yon smoke concealed"... the whole thing!!!... think I had better lie down now...
  10. Interesting about Seattle, if my memory is right I remember being a little shocked in 1970 by seeing that these pipes had beards. Otherwise the organ was magnificent to play and see!
  11. I think we could need an oscilloscope to settle this, but
  12. Well I think a Vox Humana + tremulant does sound like a singing voice, John McCormack for example. So there.
  13. Have you checked that the exam question does not contain errors which render it insoluble?
  14. I've got my copy now. How blissful it is to wallow in accounts of the giants of an age. For example how Cavaille Coll, with Widor's help, demonstrated a new organ to Listz, and how they were subsequently invited by Listz to Erhard's salon to listen to him play the piano.... How Tournemire and Vierne thought lessons with Widor were going to be more demanding than with Franck... What Widor said to Dupre... The St Sulpice organ.... It's Paradise for me! Perhaps Prince Charles could be introduced to French Romantic organ music and Cavaille Coll organs, then we could have an hour and a half follow on to his entertaining BBC4 programme on Parry.
  15. Too much time in the vegetable patch?!... You've forgotten about Skrabl. Skrable has been mentioned previously on the Message Board. Installations are, for example, in Lyme Regis alsohere. I don't remember if any Message Boarders have reported on any recitals on Skrable organs.
  16. I am really shocked to see that in this year's programme for the St Albans Organ Festival there is no exhibition and demonstration of small organs!!! The demonstration of small organs has been a feature of the festival for as long as I can remember (from the late 60s ?). A very interesting showcase for a challenging aspect of organ building. In the early displays, in my view, only one builder stood out as understanding what a small organ was and what it's potential was, particularly in a domestic room. The others approached the issue as a scaled down church job and with inevitable unlikeable results. As the years passed the number of organs increased and more builders understood how to produce a refined sound from small resources. The demonstrations themselves improved, from the initial amateurish pile of music under the arm approach, to a well thought out programme suited to the potential of each instrument. Many listeners probably didn't appreciate the expense and labour falling on the organ builders in order to take part. I am sure that some orders resulted; it did so from me; but now is this all to be just a memory? It was exciting and a privilege to be able to meet leading organ builders from this country and abroad, to admire their craftsmanship at close quarters and often to see display boards with details of their other larger instruments. Oh dear, very sad..... PS The advertised demonstration of reconstructed "Early English" organs, may be of some historic interest but does it lead anywhere? It is hardly a replacement for the former type of exhibition.
  17. As a school boy in the early 60's I heard Langlais play this during a recital at St. Mary Magdalene Paddington. Apart from the magnificent church I remember three things. How short Langlais was and that he sat on the very edge of the bench and I expected him to slip off at any moment. How quickly he changed the registration by hand - even though the Compton organ had luminous stop touches!!! And the Pasticcio!! - a sort of medieval knights in armour pastiche. I rushed out and bought the Organ Book of ten pieces. I religiously checked score markings and I have two ticks against the metronome mark! Now I think maybe it is a bit slow, but they were written as simple pieces. And I would say that playing the repeated quaver chords cleanly at 116 is challenging enough for grade 5.
  18. ..the Bob Danvers-Walker commentaries are all memorably "keep on smiling chaps" upbeat..
  19. On my 50th birthday I had a driver "experience" on the footplate of 34105 Swanage on the Watercress line.... Footplates are much hotter than pedal boards!
  20. DouglasCorr


    I agonised about this as I couldn't go as I wasn't well, but.... it's recorded all here!!! Radio France broadcast and/or Radio France full details ...anyway I'll be in the congregation for Easter Day High Mass :rolleyes:
  21. I don't see a problem here. If none of the risks occurred then you would live for ever....
  22. I think you have to have a body with rather strange proportions to play at Bath Abbey!.....
  23. DouglasCorr


    Then it is perhaps a good idea to put this one in your diary now! 2012 avril 29 : cent cinquantenaire de l’inauguration du grand orgue de Saint - Sulpice
  24. Message Boarders have recently been recalling how important the Flor Peeters organ compositions are, although not frequently played nowadays. He was a towering organ virtuoso, in the era of Langlais, Dupre, and Germani. His 3 volume organ tutor Ars Organi was unrivalled in the literature for students of the organ. David Morgan, a friend of mine, who died earlier this year, had lessons with Flor Peeters in August 1965. Flor Peeters gave David several sets of notes, which I now have, these relate to Peeters' organ works up to 1965 (that is works up to opus 114); the notes are- • "The composer and his compositions" • List of organ works • List of recordings • List of organ publications I think these will be of interest to some members of the Discussion Board and I would be happy to e mail anyone a copy of all of these documents if you contact me through the Discussion Board messages. I would say however that "The composer and his compositions" is very interesting but not, shall we say, earth shattering in what it reveals. The list of organ works includes a difficulty grading.
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