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  1. An N.B. to this wonderful column. I look after the fine 3 manual in St. Mary's Catholic Cathedral in Aberdeen which sounds quite wonderful. All 3 manuals now have mechanical action, and the new pedal trombone is thrilling. However I would invite any reading this to visit Dunkeld Cathedral in Perthshire. At the entrance to the side door, (in the bone-yard), there is the Conacher family burial plot. Both brothers are interred there, and it has always been a great source of wonder to me when I walk past the gravestone that they were the sons of a Perthshire farmer. Replies please.
  2. On a completely unrelated topic, I wonder how many of you know the name of Ivor Norridge, whose funeral took place in Edinburgh this week. I only ask as he was my boss in Edinburgh for 2 inglorious years under the Rushworth and Dreaper label. However I remember him telling me many tales of Frank Geiger,( or was it Gieger ?? ) but would be fascinated to know more. He worked in London at the very end of the Compton company, and certainly was a fine tuner and an extremely talented pianist.
  3. Nothing terribly surprising for an organ-builder, but to turn up for a perfectly standard funeral with most things working well is OK. However trying to be expressive with several of the hymns, it seemed the louder the playing was, i.e. the greater number of stops in use, the worse the wind supply seemed. A few days later the Church found that the blower motor (3 Phase) was in reverse due to some internal wiring alterations. Always a good thing to check
  4. NB I have memories of The Bossi Scherzo in G minor being a favourite piece
  5. Dear David, Are you the same person that I met many years ago in Kirkwall ? If so you may also know my father, an organist and piano tuner who did a lot of work for the St Magnus festival. Anyways I remember well dear old Francis cracking a joke at a recital in Elgin, "Willan was English by birth, Irish by adoption, and Scotch by absorption." But what a wonderful composition it is, and the York organ is quite ideal Best wishes Sandy Edmonstone
  6. Dear Barry, Thank you so much for your reply. You have hit the nail squarely on the head. It seems that in Aberdeen, oil is the most important thing to worship !!! I suspect that all these wonderfully made reeds (complete with brass wedges) and everything else will be sent to the scrapyard. I do wonder when people will wake up and see their heritage before it is too late. On another matter Aberdeen also houses a nearly working Compton cinema organ, once again in great danger of destruction. The Hull organ I have played, and agree with you entirely. ( Incidentally, did you ever know a Nigel Hart, fine bass voice and a good friend ??
  7. Although I may appear to be a "new boy" I have been reading for years these pages. A relatively new computer has not helped one bit as all previous details of this project have been lost. However, I am making an appeal, as for years I maintained a wonderful Compton (3 man/Pedal) in Aberdeen, St Nicholas Church. Due to a re-development plan and the need to excavate for historical reasons the entire internal church floor, I was invited to remove the console which was downstairs, many hundreds of feet from the organ proper in the gallery. This was duly done but ten years later many things have changed. There now seems little chance that the organ will ever be restored, but having never been cleaned or altered since installation, this would be a tragic loss. The reeds are extremely fine, being 2 complete families of oboes and trumpets. However the 3 manual dark oak console complete with stool, pedalboard,and ivory key covers is still in my store The stops are the illuminated type, but quite a few bulbs are " blown". At present I am looking for advice as to a possible Compton museum. Are there any interested parties who may be able to help ??
  8. Carlo, dear friend, may you rest in peace. A great shame that I had to learn that I would never see you again due to my own residence in a hospital bed. I remember so well Aberdeen Music Hall, Dunkeld Cathedral, Dunfermline Abbey,and St Ninian's Cathedral Perth. Sandy Edmonstone
  9. Fine fellow who inherited an almost impossible task at Kings. I think history will prove him as fine a musician as Sir David, and most certainly his early recordings are very thrilling.
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