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  1. Hi, I'm trying to get hold of a copy of Vom Himmel Hoch Tocatta by Garth Edmundson. I know this music is out if print but does anybody know how I can get hold of a copy? Many thanks, Iain.
  2. There will be a Music festival celebrating W. Sweetland starting with a opening recital by Thomas Trotter on the 18 of September. Full details in the link http://www.bathcelebrities.co.uk/home Iain
  3. St Pauls Cathedral

    Simon can you also add me to your list. iain
  4. Worcester Cathedral

    excellent!! count me sounds like a good day out.
  5. I'm having problems deciding what publication to choose from widor's 5th symphony namely the toccata. I want some thing well laid out has anyone any ideas ? many thanks
  6. Duets

    Thank you guys thats given me a lot to go on with best wishes Iain
  7. Duets

    Hi, A friend and i want to do a duet together on the organ. The problem I have is i don't know what is out there. Does anyone have any ideas?
  8. Hi all, I'm just asking if anyone knows what wood dust would do to a organ. The reason I'm asking is we have just had the organ cleaned & restored by Stephen Cooke. But now We have another problem with builders coming in and sanding the floor. I went in to church for meeting to see what was going on. the first thing i saw was the organ show pipes were not covered up. They had only covered up the top of the organ. I'm worried seeing dust on the pipes thinking maybe the hole lot would have to be cleaned again? I just hope not. Iain
  9. Here are some Photos if anyone is interested. http://gallery.mac.com/iain22#gallery all the best Iain
  10. St. Mary Redcliffe

    http://www.thisisbristol.co.uk/displayNode...e=sidebarsearch Sorry people I may of got the year wrong
  11. St. Mary Redcliffe

    I would of thought it would be mid to late 2008 they still have £400.000 to raise
  12. St. Mary Redcliffe

    Sorry Pierre I did mean a restoration i don't want any thing added all taken away for this organ
  13. St. Mary Redcliffe

    I understand that the organ at St. Mary Redcliffe Bristol is going under another rebuild at the cost of £800.000. I have to say I'm very glad of this news its one of my most favorite organ's to play and listen too.