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  1. Hi,


    A friend and i want to do a duet together on the organ. The problem I have is i don't know what is out there. Does anyone have any ideas?

  2. Hi all,

    I'm just asking if anyone knows what wood dust would do to a organ.


    The reason I'm asking is we have just had the organ cleaned & restored by Stephen Cooke. But now We have another problem with builders coming in and sanding the floor.

    I went in to church for meeting to see what was going on. the first thing i saw was the organ show pipes were not covered up. They had only covered up the top of the organ.

    I'm worried seeing dust on the pipes thinking maybe the hole lot would have to be cleaned again? I just hope not.




  3. You may indeed wish this - but £800,000 is a large sum simply for a restoration, even if Harrison & Harrison are to carry-out the work.


    I cannot find any announcement or information regarding the proposed work from either the church website or Harrisons' own pages. I would be interested to learn further details of the planned work, if possible. Could you inform me from where you obtained your information, please?




    Sorry people I may of got the year wrong ;)

  4. Does anyone know the current state of the organ at Downside Abbey? I remember going there when i was very young but don't remember much. I looked up the Abbey on the NPOR website and it sounds like its a very large and powerful instrument. it has a Grand Cornet

    XII i've never seen that before


    many thanks

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