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  1. It's worth listening to the sermon on the Sheffield Cathedral Facebook page. Starts at 18 minutes. Sam
  2. The drone footage shows the stone vaulting has held but the fire has consumed the entire roof. Another photo I have seen on social media is from around 15mins ago, the nave of the cathedral and furnishings still intact with fire fighters inside. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLBF0Zb8Bs4&fbclid=IwAR0CE4LZuIngSCM7BzAcP1lh1njm1EuBU-BpZyAOAHg3lsTuywZ_0mcJ21I Vespers from this evening.
  3. "In succession to Joseph McHardy (appointed Director of Music of the Chapel Royal) we seek for September 2017 (or January 2018 for the right candidate), a well-qualified and enthusiastic graduate to join a successful, collegiate department." From a job advertisement for St Catherine's School, Surrey. S.
  4. St Paul's, Mill Hill The Ridgeway NW7 1QU Sunday 27th April at 6pm Admission Free http://www.stpaulschurchmillhill.co.uk Samuel Austin S S Wesley (1810-1876) Choral Song and Fugue Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958) Rhosymedre J S Bach (1685-1750) Fantasia and Fugue in G minor BWV 542 Samuel Wesley (1766-1837) Air and Gavotte Cesar Franck (1822-1890) Chorale no. 3 in A minor Edvard Grieg (1843-1907) Peer Gynt Suite no. 1 Nigel Ogden (b 1954) Penguin's Playtime Georgi Mushel (1909-1989) Toccata
  5. I'm just waiting for the howls of protest when people realise there is no solo organ music at the proms this year. ;-) Sam A
  6. Christ Church Bacup is due to close soon, they have a small Walker extension organ. It may be worth a shot? Sam
  7. The church was open for the final time on Sunday 16th January, and I played it then. It was a very emotional time for the parishoners to hear the organ for the final time. I believe it is going to a church in Gloucestershire. ATB Sam
  8. Is there a 'budget' system available or anything less expensive? We need one at a church where I'm DOM, as the console is in a loft and viewing the conductor is not easy. We did have an old black and white CCTV system but the previous organist (an odd chap apparently) ripped all the wires out and smashed the cameras. Sam Austin
  9. SFX church was rewired recently and the blower was never re-connected. Aside to that, I believe some of the pipework is in storage. The church know what a great organ they have, and do have plans to bring it back to life in the future. Sam Austin
  10. I used to play it regularly - each time I went bellringing there. Quite enjoyable to play It used to be quite playable but recently I think the damp has got to it and there are many cyphers. The blower etc. is still connected. Sam
  11. Morning, After much searching, I have found it now. ORGANUM ANTIQUUM, published by Doblinger Sam
  12. Morning, Can anyone help me track down a published score of "Estampie" from the "Robertsbridge Codex" please? Grateful for your help ATB Sam Austin
  13. Church fully insured. The organ was not great but still an awful thing to happen to the church. I was organist here for six months 2003-04. My spies tell me that is was probably an electrical fire starting in the roof loft, possibly caused by the lighting getting very hot due to the roof cavity being used for storage. Sam
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