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Found 2 results

  1. How many pipe organs in the world - in total? If you count everything, from one manual upwards, but only those that are working, what do you think the ball-park figure might be? I have tried asking this elusive question of a number of organ specialists, as well as trying to nail the sum by doing some totting up of various databases and I'm still not convinced I am getting anywhere near the right number. Possibly the most accurate comment comes from the wonderful, and indefatigable Martin Doering of die-orgelseite.de: "According to several sources there must be about 120,000 pipe organs in the whole world. Probably about 30% of them are in a poor condition or not playable anymore because there is no money to repair / restore them". Can anyone add their considered two pennyworth?
  2. AJJ


    My family and I are planning a short visit to Edinburgh early next year - as we are all going 'organ business' will need to be kept to a minimum and introduced into my part of the itinerary at least with stealth for fear of all kinds of retributions from my wife and two teenage daughters! Can anyone recommend just one instrument to try and get a look at keeping in mind that I am unlikely to be up there again for a while. Thanks in anticipation! A
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