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Found 1 result

  1. Dear all, I wonder if those of you on the forum can assist me with some enquiries, based on the wealth of knowledge, experience or both that I know exists here. Firstly, I regularly play an instrument in an average sized parish church, with a relatively dry acoustic, with the below specification. It has Hill origins of 1859 but is now more recognisably Compton of 1948. Department and Stop list Pedal 1 Bourdon 16 D 2 Dulciana 16 A 3 Flute 8 D 4 Dulciana 8 A 5 Dulcet 4 A 6 Trombone 16 C 7 Clarion 4 C, pitch as on survey form Great 8 Double Diapason 16 A 9 Open Diapason I 8 10 Open Diapason II 8 bass from A 11 Gemshorn 8 A 12 Claribel 8 13 Octave 4 14 Flute 4 TC 15 Twelfth 2 2/3 B 16 Fifteenth 2 17 Larigot 1 1/3 B 18 Trumpet 8 C Swell 19 Open Diapason 8 20 Rohr Flute 8 21 Muted Viola 8 22 Viole Celeste 8 TC 23 Principal 4 24 Fifteenth 2 25 Mixture II 26 Trombone 16 C 27 Trumpet 8 C 28 Clarion 4 C Console Console type detached Stop type stopkey Couplers Swell to Pedal Swell to Great Swell octave Swell suboctave Great to Pedal It is worth noting at this stage that at a previous time there was a 32' Sub Bass (polyphone), a Clarinet 8' on the Great and a Hautboy 8' on the Swell, up until the 1948 changes. It is now being proposed that the following amendments will benefit the tonal palette, colour, dynamics and versatility of the instrument: Addition of an 8' Oboe to the Swell, in order that a softer reed sound is available again after many years of being missed by successive Organists which should be useful for hymns, choir items and repertoire where at present the only reed sound is the rather larger Trumpet. Changing of the 1 1/3 Larigot on the Great to a 3-rank Mixture, in order to better provide upperwork for congregational singing which helps in accompanying without having to resort to the largest diapasons/reeds constantly (we get some very large congregations and big events at this church). Using the stop/slider occupied by the Dulcet 4' on the Pedal to set up a harmonic 32' Sub Bass once again, perhaps derived from one or both of the Pedal 16' flues. Could I ask for advise on the following questions? What sort of cost might one expect to be associated with work like this, in particular the new rank? How easy is it to set up a 32' harmonic pedal flue? What permissions/process needs to be followed? Presumably we need to speak with the Diocesan Organ Advisor and would this work require the obtaining of a faculty to proceed? My intention was firstly, having floated the matter at a Standing Committee meeting and being met with unanimous approval there, to get some idea of the costs and feasibility to present to the PCC in September in order to get permission to put the wheels in to motion providing that the whole project is feasible. All advise, specification comments and suggestions, and experiences would be welcome. This is potentially a good opportunity for the church and instrument that this matter concerns and financially we are in a fortunate place to be able to even consider it. All the best, AT
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