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Found 1 result

  1. I have a YouTube channel to which I add bits and pieces from Justason every now and then to share with other family members. Recently, whenever I've added something to the channel YouTube has written to me saying that some or several parties claim that I am infringing their copyright. This did not stop the clip from being played but, it seemed, gave YouTube the right to stick a commercial on the front of it. When this happened a few months ago it took me quite a while to figure out who was claiming the copyright infringement and even longer to find out how to contact them so that I could tell them they were wrong. They never replied. Nowadays you get a link in the channel manager allowing you to dispute the claim (albeit with a warning that frivolous disputes might lead to suspension of the channel). For Easter, Lawrence arranged the toccata from the Jongen Symphonie Concertante for organ and brass. I put it on YouTube and The Harry Fox Agency Inc immediately claimed I had infringed their copyright. I appealed on the grounds that the organ score had been bought legitimately, the arrangement was by my son, the recording (made by Grace Cathedral) was in the public domain, and that there was no commercial transaction. The Harry Fox Agency inc has until 23rd July to contest the appeal. I don't suppose they will. Last Thursday, Lawrence played the Dorian toccata and fugue before and after evensong. Justamum and I enjoyed it, so I put in on the YouTube channel accompanied by four photos I took when we went to visit Lawrence in May. No sooner had I posted the clip but someone (I don't know who) claimed I had infringed their copyright. I appealed pointing out that the music was by Bach, my son was the performer, the recording was in the public domain and the photos and film were made by me. The infringement notice was withdrawn as soon as I appealed. I suspect therefore that both the original complaint and its withdrawal were automated processes which had nothing to do with either law or sense. But I might be wrong. Can anyone tell me what the actual position is if the music has been bought legitimately, it's played in a service, the Cathedral puts the recording on its website, free of charge, and neither my son nor the Cathedral object to me putting the clip on YouTube? Best wishes Justadad
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