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Found 2 results

  1. Playing every week! I know similar questions have been posted. Direct me to other posts if needed. What do members recommend as good serviceable repertoire (old and new) for those of us in smaller parish churches with very little time. My other job seems to demand a lot more of my time as it pays for my addiction to organ playing. ( I have a degree in music, studied organ and for example, can play, BWV 549, not sure of AB grade) The standard books like “easy preludes and postludes” at my local music retailer just don’t seem to hold my interest. J I refer to a quote from a Guest-Cynic in 2007: “I have an amateur organist friend who keeps making the mistake of really liking a piece, buying it and then getting bogged down because the choice is so firmly at the wrong level for him. A church organist does not have to play difficult pieces to do a good job, you do not even need difficult pieces to make a pleasing recital programme.” Running out of time, W
  2. Hello all I was thinking the other day about the first service I played at and it was a total nightmare. I was asked to play for a first holy communion service and the church I played at did not have an Organ. Instead it had one of these Viscount Cantorum keyboard electric jobs ( you may know where this is going). The keys were similar to those you would find on a child's Keyboard and were very unresponsive. It was an absolute nightmare my fingers were slipping everywhere, it felt like I applied copius amounts of butter to my hands before I set off playing, eventually I just had to stop as I could not take anymore of this instrument ( if you can call it one). The most awkward thing about it was that I was positioned slap bang right at the side of the altar in front of the entire congregation! Yes public humiliation at its finest, naturally people thought it was my playing which of course it was not. A craftsman never blames his tools.......unless you play one of those! I was wondering if anyone else had any similar musical nightmares. Or is it just me? Liam
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