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Found 2 results

  1. Dear All It gives me great pleasure to announce a forthcoming new CD of Richard Hills at the wonderful Southampton Guildhall Compton. Release date February 2012 on the Silver Street Music label, thus marking the 75th anniversary of the opening of the Guildhall. I am also particularly delighted to announce that Nigel Ogden has very kindly dedicated an entire programme of The Organist Entertains to the Guildhall Compton with a programme that will feature some of the tracks from the new CD plus an interview with Richard Hills and I believe one or two archive tracks of the organ. The programme will air on 10th January. The new CD (as yet untitled) of maestro Richard playing both consoles of this superb dual-purpose instrument, with a selection of theatre organ favourites, orchestral transcriptions and classical masterpieces, is taking shape very well. It will hopefully be the finest recording made to date on this unique and wonderful instrument. UK sales will be via the Silver Street Films website (www.silverst.co.uk) as standard CDs for delivery and probably also as HD audio download (not mp3 though). The tracks on offer will highlight the vast musical range possible on this organ, being a very large theatre organ and a fully-featured classical concert organ in one, and will probably include: Concert overture (Hollins) Elegy (Thalben-Ball) Down the Mall Dancing years selection Cheeky Chappie (Porter-Brown) In Malaga Suite (Curzon) The Girl from Corsica (Duncan) Parade of the Sunbeams (McLean) There will likely be 16 or 17 tracks in total on the CD. See the following websites for more info about the organ and recording session, with photos: www.hws.org.uk www.silverst.co.uk www.guildhall-compton.org.uk Regards Peter
  2. Dear All Today the eagerly awaited CD of Richard Hills at the Southampton Guildhall Compton is released. This marks the 75th anniversary of the opening of the Guildhall, on 13th Feb 1937. The title of the album is Grand Variety International organ star Carlo Curley has very kindly undertaken the official review and has provided a glowing report of the new album. More information, including how to purchase the CD and Carlo's review, can be found here: www.ssfweb.co.uk/silverst/html/grand_variety.html Thanks for your interest Peter (Producer)
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