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Found 7 results

  1. Recently a video appeared in my recommendations of a unique Wurlitzer 32' Diaphone where each pipe can play two notes. I was originally going to post this under Small Organ Design but then decided to create a new topic as I think this is a rather unusual idea that might be worth exploring.
  2. Asking permission to admin to post this thread... Thanks! My curiosity about Urakami Cathedral and Mander Organs started from the discovery of the counterpart Hauptwerk virtual sampleset by Inspired Acoustics. How? YouTube, I guess, from me being an amateur organist student and organ music fan... (Urakami Pipe Organ Samples | Inspired Acoustics) What interested me is the webpage of the builder about the real organ and this specific phrase: "There are now moves to restore the interior and improve the acoustic." Sourced from Urakami Cathedral, Nagasaki, Japan - Mander Organ Builders (mander-organs.com) I am interested to learn what they meant about this, knowing the second cathedral is very different from the original cathedral. (destroyed in WWII, similar to Coventry) Thanks for any official replies! You can look at this Facebook page for pictures of their reconstruction research of the original cathedral: (1) 3d4kアーカイブ広島・長崎 | Facebook
  3. For some time I have been trying to dig up information regarding a proposal made by Jean Guillou for a modular pipe organ called L'Orgue a Structure Variable. Which if I'm correct had originated from a book he had written back in the 70's called L'Orgue, souvenir et avenir (The Organ, Remembrance and Future). Bellow I've included a video of an interview with Jean Guillou where he mentions this proposal and the reasons for this organ. Their isn't a great deal of information available regarding the design of this proposal such as the specification. But from what I know the organ would be made up of fifteen units electronically connected to a console with four manuals and pedals. Each unit would contain one or three ranks of pipes, an independent wind supply and keyboard. Their uses to be website dedicated to this project long gone but I have managed to successfully gain access to the site through an internet archive called the Way Back Machine which I have included a link to bellow. although their still isn't a great deal of information regarding the design of the organ. https://web.archive.org/web/20121115093815/http://osvguillou.pagesperso-orange.fr/index.htm As to where this project stands in development I think it is safe to say that it is pretty much at a stand still but I can't say for sure if it has been completely abandoned. But regardless of whether this organ will become a reality their has however been some development with organs like this. For example the organist Paolo Oreni has his own mobile pipe organ called Organo Wanderer, and Jean Baptiste Monnot for years has been working on a small but versatile organ called L'Orgue du Voyage.
  4. This small organ is available for immediate removal. Would suit small church or perhaps a large music room. http://www.npor.org.uk/NPORView.html?RI=K00924 It is located in South Essex. Stands on a gallery, no back case or treble side panels. PM me for contact details.
  5. Now it its third year, the Southbank Centre is offering an Organ Scholarship. The scholarship is designed as a professional development and leadership training scheme. From September to July 2016 this unique training placement will support our International Organ Series concert programme, development work and organ participatory activity. We are looking for a confident scholar to be an ambassador for the organ and to work closely with the Learning and Participation team to help engage new audiences including schools and the general public with this extraordinary instrument. This is a unique and extremely exciting opportunity for a music student or graduate, with specialist organ training, to gain experience from our Organ Curator William McVicker, to support and collaboration with our music programming team and to be a part of a lively cross-arts organisation. The Organ Scholar role will will run on a bursary system, with an expectation that you will work 20 hours per month. You will be involved in a number of our annual festivals and you may be asked to participate in a number of performance opportunities and learning projects. Any additional project activity, over these 20 hours, will be paid at a fixed rate. This is a supported traineeship role and opportunities to take part in additional training, role shadowing and work placements can be negotiated on a case by case basis. Closing Date: 17th August 2015 If you are interested or you would like more information, please visit our recruitment site here: https://recruit.southbankcentre.co.uk/templates/Southbank/jobdetail_115.aspx
  6. Dear members, here comes a nice read from the Wall Street Journal featuring Grammy-winning organist Paul Jacobs. Best, Friedrich
  7. Hello all I was thinking the other day about the first service I played at and it was a total nightmare. I was asked to play for a first holy communion service and the church I played at did not have an Organ. Instead it had one of these Viscount Cantorum keyboard electric jobs ( you may know where this is going). The keys were similar to those you would find on a child's Keyboard and were very unresponsive. It was an absolute nightmare my fingers were slipping everywhere, it felt like I applied copius amounts of butter to my hands before I set off playing, eventually I just had to stop as I could not take anymore of this instrument ( if you can call it one). The most awkward thing about it was that I was positioned slap bang right at the side of the altar in front of the entire congregation! Yes public humiliation at its finest, naturally people thought it was my playing which of course it was not. A craftsman never blames his tools.......unless you play one of those! I was wondering if anyone else had any similar musical nightmares. Or is it just me? Liam
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