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Found 3 results

  1. A friend of mine uses an iPad (I think it's an iPad rather than a notebook) to read his music from in concerts, while his accomplice sits near the console - perhaps the front pew or a chair in a loft - and turns the page for him remotely using some sort of connection - Bluetooth, WiFi etc. Brave man, I thought, and have wondered whether he ever had problems with system/battery/interference etc. I will be asking him, of course. But that also lead me to muse on the world of page turners - old style and new style. Being one such, I KNOW there are a wealth of tales out there, both from the point of view of performer and turner. Anyone care to share their tales (anonymity assured) for my book? Some have already run in Organ-isms but there must be as many diverse stories as there are players. And turners... EDIT: Arghghgh! Sod's Law! I just posted this then found the topic Sheet Music and Tablets - sorry for any duplication. But I am still fascinated to hear your stories... :-)
  2. Anyone care to share what you get asked about or comments you get when strangers come up to the organ console? ( Or wherever they talk to you about the organ). I've had some screamingly funny questions and comments from those who don't have a clue, but if time (or not playing a recessional!) I did try to answer them and help pass on some passion and information; you never know, that question may one day be something THEY answer! A frequent one is "Why is there more than one keyboard?" - and "Where do you turn up the volume?" Anyone got any other little gems for me? Send me a private message or email me if you prefer. Oh, pipes are also fair game and organ music in general. I will enjoy anything anyone cares to contribute! (Of course am hoping to get some little vignettes for that book...) Have fun... and thank you in advance!
  3. Hi all, Sorry for my absence during these past 5 roller coaster years or so; but despite a number of weeks spent in and out of theatres that have nothing to do with Shakespeare, I have been plodding doggedly along with the sequel to my previous anecdotes book which so many of you helped with by submitting stories. The sequel is quite different to the first volume. About half of it will be photographs and cartoons, and the rest compiled from delicious juicy stories that I have/will have garnered from the likes of you lot. The target audience for this book however is different to "Organ-isms". This follow-up is targeted at the non-organist; the family member, the event organiser, the clergy, the audience, the person who says they don't like organ music, those who have never heard it etc and so on. My dedication has already been written: it is to "Those who haven't got a clue". The reason is simple. Everywhere I go, whether on tour around the world or just giving my usual U3A or Probus presentation "Carbuncles, cameras and concerts; Behind the Scenes with a touring Concert organist" I am always gobsmacked at the ignorance or naivety about the organ and organists. People become fascinated once you can draw them into the world that already enchants us - it is simply a matter of gentle and often light-hearted 'education'. The turning point for me was when I rather warily addressed a group of non-musical rugby-playing types who initially looked totally confused to be presented with this topic. By the end I thought that all of them were desperate to sign up for organ lessons. Nothing to do with me - simply that the organ IS a fascinating, fabulous creation and we tend to forget how intriguing it is once explained to 'non-believers'. Pictures, coupled with anecdotes and some simple facts (nothing too heavy) are the very thing I want to use to take this wonderful beast to more people. Anyway, 'nuff blurb. I'm sure you know what I mean. Your part in all this: send me stories, yarns, whatever you want. There is a gap for material about organists interacting with others, such as vergers, clergy, soloists, organisers, cleaners, choirs etc. I want to avoid repeating similar stories from "Organ-isms" no. 1. There are many good stories out there but alas, they are often too much like a variation on a theme. If in doubt, send it to me anyway! I'll enjoy it. Put your thinking caps on. You don't need to write perfect English screeds - in fact, short little one-liners, observations, comments etc are like gold. As those of you who supplied previous stories will know, I will hack it about anyway :-) But trust me, I can keep these anonymous and in confidence. All I ask is that they are true. Pass my request on to others you know who might have splendid anecdotes. You can email me at jenny@pipelinepress.com and I really look forward to hearing from you. Cheers Jenny Setchell
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