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The Malaise Of Worship Today

Guest Cynic

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Guest Cynic

Try this for a quick summary of what's going wrong in our churches!

The writer is Simon Barnes (in last Thursday's Times).

[Anyone who has already seen it, please forgive me for re-posting it here for those who haven't.]



"It’s the new audience that’s the thing: let us do everything we can to make our product

interesting to people who don’t like it. And what of the people who do like it? Well,

we’ve already got them, haven’t we, so what’s the point of trying to please them? Thus

it is that people sell their souls, by selling out their heartland in order to lure in the new,

the uncaring and the indifferent. Sports do it, publishers do it, people in the arts do it,

political parties do it, religions do it.


Everything is aimed at the floating voters of life, while the members of the heartland are

ignored, rebuffed and insulted."



Can anyone here better that? I couldn't.


Incidentally, the bulk of Simon Barnes's article was actually about the need for today's sports fixtures to end with a win rather than a draw.

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Guest Cynic
Do you by any chance have a link to this article?



I am a naughty person. [No surprise there.]

To come clean: I won't/can't link you because I saw this on a members only site to which I do not officially belong*.




*NB No, not one of the 'adult' (i.e. seriously naughty) ones.

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