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'tickling' The Voicing

David Coram

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Morning all. On another thread, I made an assertion about the likelihood of a stop on a local Hill having been brightened up during a 1950's Rushworth rebuild, and it's one I'd stand by - it's definitely not speaking as a Hill now. Another correpondent promised to find out.


But who could possibly know about this? It's my belief that during the course of a fairly major rebuild, most of the pipework would probably have a quick zip past the voicing machine to iron out unnevenness, and surely sometimes to run through some ranks in a bit more detail to impart a bit more brightness or apply a 'house style', or perhaps cope with some extra wind required by a new action, maybe. Even just an extra weight on a reservoir would do the same. This isn't the kind of detail which gets recorded - as long as the organ goes back in sounding a bit more chipper than when it came out, everyone's happy.


I'd be interested to hear from anyone here who was organbuilding during the 50's-70's in particular, with any of the 'big names', to try and find out just how widespread this sort of thing was.

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Didn’t it come out on this board recently that the organ at Truro isn’t as original (voicing) as is led to believe? Was this proven?




Apparently the exact opposite was the case - despite claims made in advertisements by Hele & Co. In addition, certain statements (on official cathedral publications and The Organ magazine) were incorrect in some details - with regard, for example, to certain wind pressures and the breaks in the two mixtures.

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