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Bwv 591 — Little Harmonic Labyrinth (kleines Harmonisches Labyrinth)

Peter Clark

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Which website Peter? Daniel Moult played this piece in a recital at my church last year, alongside the D major P & F BWV532 and Trio Sonata No.6. It's a curious little piece, which does exactly what it says on the tin. After starting in C major, it gets into some pretty far-flung keys and manages to find its way home to C major again. Peter Williams describes it as "ouverture, lost direction, entry into labyrinth, discovery of C major, "exit beneath the sun of clear harmony" (Keller).




Thanks Graham. The website? Go to Widor Gratuit on this discussion board and click on Widor to get into the website which is loads of public domain music free for download and printing.



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In the (very welcome!) Widor link posted by John Sayer, I had a shop around this website and camew accross this piece, possibly by Bach, possibly not. It is the first time I have seen it; has anybody get any more information on it?

Thanks for reminding me of this piece and how to get it, Peter. I use to play it years ago but lost the Peters volume. Worked well as a relatively subdued voluntary this morning.

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