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BBC 2's Great Interior Design Challenge came from Wells last night and the budding designers were given three rooms in the Vicars Close to 'do up'. One of the rooms belongs to the assistant organist - cue a shot of him at the console playing the opening of the Elgar Organ Sonata (about 22 min in). When they did the final reveal at the end I noticed a collection of small organ pipes on the mantelpiece.

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I have a confession to make: I wasn't in the mood for anything serious last Friday evening so sat down with a glass of something to waste two hours of my life watching Kingsman II: the Golden Circle. I had to sit through the entire film to wait for the most interesting scene which was in the final minute when I discovered that Elton John is secretly a church organist.

No, seriously. Elton John was playing himself (!) on the organ of Greenwich Naval College Chapel at the wedding of the two principal characters. I shudder to think what his wedding fees are?


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