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Organ Symphonie Research: Allouard-carny


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Hello, Friends...


I'm actually making progress finally writing my book on the Organ Symphonie... I find that I have a number of examples for which I can find neither a score nor a recording, most often due to the work being unpublished.


I'd be grateful for any help tracking these works down (or failing that, at least for a description of the piece)


I'll start with Odette Allouard-Carny:(b. 1914) – Symphonie de la lumière, 1966. As far as I can tell, this piece has not been published. Henderson states that it is a 16-minute work, I've found no further information from other sources. Allouard-Carny studied with Victor-Dynam Fumet and has been organist at Sainte-Anne-de-la-Maison-Blanche in Paris.


Anyone have leads on this piece? Pierre, could you perhaps translate to French and post this on your board? (I hesitate to use Google to translate a query like this - one shudders to contemplate the result :) )



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